Run over a nail and you’re still out of luck

You believed that when you bought your car insurance policy, you were insuring yourself against any type of situation that might arise regarding your car and everything attached to it. Well, if you believed that, you’re in for a complete shock when something like the following happens. Let’s say you’re driving down the highway and you feel a thump and then a few more thumps and you realize that either you’ve bumped into something like a small animal and they get stuck under your car, or you’ve hit something driven and it is stuck in or on one of your tires. Well, at least now you know that you can pull over to the side of the road as soon as possible to avoid damaging your vehicle or causing an accident.

You stop, get out of your car and start walking around your car, checking every tire and looking underneath for anything hanging off the underside of our car. You don’t seem to find anything, but then you notice that one of your tires is slightly flatter than the other three. So you take a closer look at that tire and you notice that there’s something in the tire and it’s a nail. So now it occurs to you that you’re hoping there’s air in your spare tire because you can’t remember the last time you checked it. You then grab your keys and open your trunk and discover that the spare tire is almost empty, so the next thing to do is call a tow truck. Aren’t you glad you paid that small premium on your insurance policy for towing and roadside assistance?

The first thing you call your insurance agent to see what towing equipment they recommend and explain to them what just happened. Your agent will give you information about the towing company and even offer to call for you. While waiting for the tow truck to come rescue you, you realize you forgot to ask your agent if they would pay to fix your flat tire or get you a new tire. So you call the agent back and are told no, the tire with a stud in it isn’t covered by your insurance, but your tow truck is. This revelation is a surprise to you, why is your band not covered? It is part of your car. The fact is that even if the nail is stuck in a piece of wood and you drive over it and send it flying up and crash into one of our window panes, it smashes the window pane, the tire still isn’t covered, but the window would.