Pros and cons of the dual USB car charger: form your own conclusion

Pros and cons of the dual USB car charger


The dual USB car charger is a popular choice for customers looking for a charger that can be charged from the cigarette lighter in a car. They like it because it has a lot of great features, but the purpose of this article is to review the pros and cons of this cell phone charger to see if it is a great product.

Advantages of the Dual USB Car Charge

  • Can charge two devices at the same time
  • Charges quickly no matter how many devices are charging at the same time
  • Works with mobile phones and tablets with different operating systems due to Universal Port technology
  • Vibration resistant and fireproof
  • Will work in hot and cold temperature extremes
  • Is small and compact so that it is easy to carry and use when needed
  • Fits well in the cigarette lighter and stays firm
  • Has an attractive appearance
  • Made of durable quality materials
  • Is guaranteed for a period of two years

This is an impressive list of positive features and they are features that customers have endorsed and commented on when providing feedback about the in-car mobile phone charger.

Disadvantages of the dual USB car charger

  • It is more expensive than others on the market
  • Some people don’t have a car to use it.

Customer feedback supports the fact that the charger is more expensive than others currently available, but they are happy to pay a little extra for it. This seems to be because cheaper car chargers tend to break quickly, saving the customer from out-of-pocket when they need to buy another one, especially when the breakage occurred within days of purchase. The general consensus from customers is that paying a little extra for a decent product is a good thing.


The dual USB car charger clearly shows that it has a lot more to offer than not. Customers using it have also come to the same conclusion and it has received much more positive feedback than other similar mobile phone chargers. The product clearly meets the needs of customers and provides a solution for charging their mobile devices. Although it costs more than other chargers, it is cheaper over time and clearly of better quality. That is why customers are happy to pay for a solid product that does what it is intended to do.