One Day Car Insurance – The Most Convenient Insurance Coverage for Driving a Borrowed Car

The auto insurance industry is now becoming more and more competitive. Until a few years ago, we had never heard of term auto insurance or short-term auto insurance. A car on the road would be insured by the owner of the car and there were no insurance related issues for the person who rented a car or borrowed the car from a friend. But with cut-throat competition in the industry, the insurance companies are offering short-term and temporary car insurance facilities to the user of the car. Insurance now shifts from owner’s privilege to driver’s privilege. So much so, that if you plan on renting a car from a rental car company or using your friend’s car for a day, you can also get car insurance for a day.

How does a one-day car insurance policy differ from the usual annual insurance policy? In the first place, insurance is an important amenity for those who need a vehicle to spend a day on the road. This saves you worrying about accidents and reimbursements. While it is necessary to make sure that the car is mechanically sound to prevent accidents, it should be borne in mind that most accidents are caused by the person driving the car and not by the physical condition of the vehicle. The laws require that any vehicle on the road must be covered by insurance. This is ensured by the short-term or temporary car insurance that is available.

The main benefit of short-term auto insurance is for the insurance company. In contrast to normal insurance, a one-day car insurance is more expensive. This type of insurance is expensive because in the event of a major accident, the damage is borne by the insurance company. Also, persons who rent cars or from a friend prefer if the car is already covered by an insurance policy to save them the exorbitant cost.

One day car insurance quotes are also available online. All the person who intends to take such coverage has to do is click on the available quotes from a major insurance company and fill in the details. Spot quotes are generally given. It is possible to compare the quotes and then select the best insurance quote that fits within the budget.

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