Naughty dogs aren’t the only ones who bite

There are good and bad dogs in every breed known to man. Some bad dogs are also vicious dogs. Not all dog attack injuries; are caused by vicious dogs. Some dog attack injuries are caused by everyday pets that have never acted against anyone before. You should always be careful with any dog.

Some dog attack injuries are worse than others, depending on the size and sometimes even the breed of the dog. For example, a bite from a small Chihuahua would more than likely appear small than if the dog had been a large German Shepherd or a Rottweiler, Pit Terrier, or any other large dog breed known to be aggressive.

Typically, in a case of injury from a vicious dog, you’ll be dealing directly with the pet owner’s homeowner’s insurance company. Usually these situations are resolved out of court. However, sometimes that’s not possible, maybe because both parties can’t agree, or maybe because the owner doesn’t have insurance. In that case, you look at the court process to determine the outcome of the case.

In most if not all dog bite cases, several key factors are weighed before a decision is made in resolving a case that has gone to court to be heard in front of a judge. The judge will want to know where the incident took place, whether the dog was confined on its own property or roaming freely in its community off its owner’s property. The judge will also be interested to know if any incidents have happened with this particular dog prior to this incident, or if it is an isolated case. The judge might consider issuing a warning to the owner of the dog with specific instructions that the dog should not be allowed outside unless kept on a lead at all times in the care of the owner to prevent an incident like this from happening in the happen again in the future.

A dog can bite when it tries to protect its family. A dog’s intentions may seem reasonable to its owners, but a judge may view the circumstances differently after considering the facts of the situation. A dog may also bite when feeding its young, or eat and notice that someone is about to take its food away. Unfortunately, this is all too often the situation where accidental bites sometimes occur.

Always seek medical attention after being bitten by a dog. Some bites can be more serious than they initially seem. After seeing the doctor, consider seeking a dog bite attack attorney. You should have the advice and counsel of a qualified dog bite attorney to see if you indeed need to file a lawsuit against the owner.