Motivation for Insurance Self Help – 11 Musts for Upgrading an Insurance Agent’s Career – Guidance

Insurance self-help motivation starts the 1st day. The career guidance of your insurance agent is not provided by the sales manager. Here are 11 incentive ways to turn your insurance self-help motivational skills into a rewarding career as an insurance agent.

Learning how to apply insurance self-help motivation is the biggest barrier facing a career as an insurance agent. A sales professional will self-motivate with strong internal direction. This pro already knows without any doubt that his flexible presentation will get a sale if the right conditions of sale exist. However, when you start your career as an insurance agent, the insurance world carries a twilight zone mystique.


Immediate use of self-help motivation prevents a career in insurance sales from being doomed to failure by relying on outer guidance.

1. The insurance salesperson has the confidence to propel himself forward using his gut feeling and relying on inner instincts and intuition. It is true that the sales pro controls his future by not letting the future control him.

2. Don’t dwell on the past (such as a lost sale), because it’s too late to change it. Instead, open the doors of today and your future, because only you, and not your company, determines your destiny. Think outside the box of the company.

3. Use your insurance self-help motivation to focus your attention on committing to the long term. What you achieve today builds your future to overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

4. Expect to increase your inner self-help motivation by starting with small steps that lead to the next level. Building a career as an insurance agent is a step-by-step process.

5. Get rid of the pats on the back, they will hold you back. If the company’s sales manager pats you on the back and says “You’re going to be good,” reply with. “I’m good.” Even imagine that one day you could take away his job, but only if you want to.

6. You stay outside normal business lines. That is the way to freedom and more sales success. If you have a business presentation plan, change it drastically to benefit you and not the insurance company. Your business wants you to prospect and prospect and prospect to find leads. Develop your own direct mail sales lead system to avoid wasting all your time searching for interested people for your product. Insurance self-help motivation gives the determination to destroy any roadblocks.

7. Sales success is a procrastination decision that can cost your dreams and your insurance career. If you help yourself motivate yourself to become a champion, there are no limits. Never procrastinate thinking you can’t, or believe you’re not ready. Get away from negativity, start today with the decision that you will not be denied.

8. Never Give Up! There will always be highs and lows. Stay in the growing process and let your self-helping seeds sprout upwards. There is no option to quit as your confidence and motivation create your ultimate destiny.

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9. Success is hearing the truth and being willing to pick up the pace. If the numbers show that you are making 12 sales per month, challenge yourself to make 20 sales. Refuse to give up on your ultimate achievement by telling yourself every hour that you’re going to do it and that you’re the best. In a presentation, before entering a house, visualize in your mind that a sale has already taken place, so now the presentation is just a formality. “As your mind perceives, your mind believes.”

10. Elevate yourself to leadership. Never follow directly how another insurer has become somewhat successful. Your self-help insurance motivation method should be unique and set you apart from the crowd of failed salespeople. This career requires you to stand up for your beliefs and not become one of too many sheep. Your words, actions and attitude will lead you to insurance agent career guidance and success.

11. Fewer people like you when they see you climb the ladder of success. Every day you have to fight against adversity from both envious people and the stupid ideas of others. This only produces losers, and those are the ones who are likely to envy your rising position and self-directed motivation. People who feel successful relate to other people who feel successful.

Compare your situation with that of a car battery. Negative anxious people try to drain your battery to their level. You have to motivate yourself daily to be supercharged to make that next sale. Build your insurance agent’s career determination by reading books or ebooks on motivation, self-help, and inspiration. Your confident personality will radiate to potential customers.