More than terrorism insurance: child talk

Unfortunately, for those who smugly thought terrorism was a thing of the past, realty has proven otherwise. For a long time it was a real need to get international travel insurance for corporate employees, tourists and volunteers traveling abroad so that cover would be provided against the modern evils.

Today, terror is rearing its head not only in the troubled corners of Africa and Asia, but also in the Western world. Europe is not immune. To be sure, France and Belgium have suffered enormously from extremist activity recently. Now we face a new and ugly reality in the backyards of our own homes, causing losses and damage to personal property and human life.

While the 9/11 Twin Tower disaster paved the way for a new take on U.S. terrorism insurance and commercial reporting, the current wave of terror-related violence that has reached regions within our shores is something that no one is prepared to face emotionally. offer as well.

Of course, the children are the least equipped for the tragedies. Indeed, the publicity these terrible acts receive makes it almost impossible to protect our young people from the brutality of it all. How do we mitigate the effects of something so disturbing?

Across the board, psychiatrists and psychologists are encouraging parents and educators to personally talk to children about their fears. Tell kids it’s normal to be scared, they say. Validate their feelings, they add. After that, the professional counselors say adults should talk to children about ways to get comfort and comfort. Everyone needs to heal from the impact of a terrorist attack, especially the young people who cannot rely on life experience to help them do so.

What to say to a child after a terrorist attack

Mothers, fathers and educators should encourage children to talk about the fear they feel as a result of the terror events they hear about. In general, it is normal to be alarmed by the violence and it is just as normal to fear for one’s own safety.

Tell children how others react to the tragic series of events. There are those who are so impressed by the terror that they shut themselves off from the reality of things by not reacting at all. Of course, this is not a healthy resort. Explain to children that it is good to let their emotions run wild by talking about it with parents, teachers, and their peers. Calm your child by explaining that the violence happened far from your home, school and any business they visit. Explain to him or her that there is little chance of something so horrible happening in their neighborhood.

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Don’t forget to also explain that just because the bad people in this case belonged to the same religion as others or dress the same way as others they see doesn’t mean that all people like them share responsibility for the bad ones. Teach your child to respect all people who do not hurt others. Encourage your child to vent his fear and anger by engaging in productive activities, such as helping others – perhaps by writing letters of thanks to those who have assisted the victims of a terror attack or by sending self-made drawings to them. or by helping to raise money for the victims in some way. Finally, try to get kids to follow a regular sleep and activity schedule that underscores a healthy and healing lifestyle.