Max international business rating

Max International, a network marketing company, was founded in 2006 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The founders of this company are Greg Fulton, Fred Ninow and Kevin Scott. The company has signed up as part of the health and fitness industry. It is known for making top quality health and wellness nutritional products to meet the needs of the people. The products will be well marketed by Max International Business distributors. The company was established with the aim of providing high quality products made up of good quality ingredients.

The range of products

Max International offers a range of nutritional supplements and MAXGXL is considered the flagship product. It is a supplement that provides the body with a good dose of glutathione, effectively regulating the body’s production of glutathione. By slowing down the body’s production of glutathione, the supplement acts as a cardiovascular support, strengthening the immune system. A person is imbued with a lot of energy. He becomes animated with his concentration increasing variety.

Max N-Fuse, a dietary supplement with a fine blend of herbs, vitamins and minerals, is a popular product. It activates our cells to perform the cellular functions efficiently.

Another product popular among the potential consumers is the weight loss supplement, Max WLX. This supplement delivers celeptin, a hormone, which acts as the communicator by delivering the message directly to the brain to let someone know they’ve had enough and can’t eat anymore.

The compensation plan

No other network marketing company can bring the distributors as much profit as Max International. You can start your business relationship with the company with $49 on one level or $559 on the other level. The distributors get a nice twenty-five percent discount on retail. The distributors are also entitled to different types of discounts for marketing and selling the products as they scale up different levels in the business.

Max International has a hybrid binary compensation plan. In this model, the downlines, or the new employees you recruit into the business organization, have to work hard to make regular sales. The increase and decrease of the distributors’ total commissions depend on the sales of their downline.

The procedure to make money and establish the credibility of the company

The best way you can make a profit is to buy the products at wholesale prices and sell them at the retail price. As distributors, you need to recruit people for the organization, build a long chain of downline. By using the products yourself, you can expose the possibilities of Max International Business to the new employees and potential recruits. The money back guarantee when connecting or purchasing products acts as a great incentive for Max International Business to flourish.

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The bonus

Max International Business rewards the most efficient person who works to help grow the business monthly via Global Bonus pool. The other benefits offered by the company are bonuses for automobiles, travel, health insurance, wholesale, retail and other areas.