Ladder safety and employee insurance: a winning duo

What would you classify as one of the leading causes of workplace accidents and loss lies?

If you guessed ladders, you’re right

Accidents related to these items are associated with a surge in claims for expensive employee insurance. They are also linked to the shrinking population of workers.

A recent study by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows something sobering: in 2015, more than 150 people died and more than 20,000 were injured in ladder accidents.

As of 2015, related abuse ranks #7 in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s report of the top ten workplace violations.

Wouldn’t you say it’s time to highlight the importance of safe use?

In response to a resounding yes to that question, March has been chosen as National Ladder Safety Month. Organizers are urging business leaders and owners to spread the related safety tips.

How to use ladders safely in the workplace

• Do not use it for anything other than its intended purpose.

• Do not try to use a chair, barrel or anything else instead.

• Before use, inspect your ladder for loose or missing pieces, wood chips, weathering or other defects. If you find one of these, don’t use it.

• Check for electrical wiring or other obstructions before setting up your ladder for work.

• Make sure there is no dirt, work tools or other material around the bottom feet before using.

• Always place suitable barricades around it when using it in corridors, driveways and high traffic areas.

• Secure the door in a doorway before working on it.

• Place your ladder a quarter of its length from the wall.

• Place your extension ladder on both sides on the top support and secure it.

• Make sure you hold it at least 1 meter above where you will step on it.

• Only place it on a stable, solid surface.

• Always secure the end of your extension ladder to prevent slipping.

• Ask another worker to grip the sides to prevent slipping, especially if they do not have anti-slip features.

• Do not work from a ladder placed on a box, cart, table, scaffold or any other object

• During use, keep the locks of your extension ladder locked and ensure that the stretchers of your stepladder are extended and secured.