Keyword Rich Domains – A Cheap Google Friendly Romance

You have the most amazing web design on the internet, but no one visits your site. Millions of potential customers search for your products and none find you because you are invisible to Google. You’ve heard the terms SEO, keywords, social networks, Twitter, web designs, meta tags, etc. It all seems so confusing, too much to remember. “Why even?” The answer: Because it’s worth it. Worth the effort; that is, if you take it one step at a time and don’t get overwhelmed.

So you ask yourself, “Where do I start?” There are many answers to that question. Maybe you already own a domain and website and it’s not delivering as you expected. Let’s start with the basics. When buying a domain, you may be asking, “Just buy or register a domain?” The answer is no. You want a domain that has “Google rewards” keywords if possible. For example, if you’re in the insurance industry, you’ll want your company’s name and the word “insurance” next to it. You can also buy other domains and point them to your site like “ or (i.e. if they are not busy) and point them to your website. These are the kind of phrases people often type when on search for “the best” and they will often find you first.Google seems to prefer .com sites over .net or .tv, etc. So buy if it’s available.

Purchasing phrase-based domains also gives you extra protection, especially if people forget your company’s name. For example, your company name is Bloomberg, Smith, and Allison Insurance. Chances are is not being used. But chances are people don’t want to type such a long domain name into Google to find you. So why not buy the domain but buy a few more. After all, they average up to $10 each. What about (if it’s not already used). Another could be (if you live and work in Peoria…and have great prices on insurance) etc. SEO is tailored for “lack of memory”. If someone just remembers what you do; and know that you have the cheapest insurance in Peoria; they will remember that domain name points to your site as well.

Some companies, such as General Electric, own up to a hundred or more domains pointing to They do that because they make so many products, many times people remember the product, but not anymore that General Electric makes it. Whether you’re the size of General Electric or Joe’s Pawn Shop on the corner, please remember that people don’t just remind you of your domain name (and many more people use the Internet, even locally than the Yellow Pages, to find you, with using a keyword-rich domain name, or names is a very smart start). And Google, which is still “King of the Net”, seems to agree.

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You don’t need an internet guru to do a little basic SEO for yourself. Domains are an easy way to get noticed and help your customers when they search for you. Suppose you are looking for your company. Think of a few three- to four-word sentences you might type when searching Google for your own business. Those are the perfect domains for your website, all for less than a tank of gas.