Jitterbug Phone Reviews – Jitterbug Phone Complaints

Because of their marketing efforts to non-traditional customers, Jitterbug’s phones have gained acceptance as a mainstream alternative to “smartphones” such as the iPhone and Blackberry. But as a popular mobile company that prides itself on simplicity and accessibility, Jitterbug is not exempt from criticism.

We scoured the internet for Jitterbug phone reviews to give you an independent resource to make an informed decision, and the top consumer complaints about Jitterbug were in the following categories: functional limitations, customer service, and coverage.

Functional limitations: Each model of the Jitterbug is a basic phone, so there will be fewer features than most other popular brands. Customers looking for a phone to use as an MP3 device, game console or web browser, for example, were dissatisfied. The Jitterbug J has text messaging and Bluetooth capabilities built in to address some of these concerns.

Customer service: While many users are satisfied with Jitterbug’s customer service, others, especially those from 2009 and earlier, have complained about the helpfulness of Jitterbug’s response team. The most complaints for any of the Jitterbug models related to customer service. Nevertheless, it seems that these customers have found success after talking to two or three representatives. As is the case with all phones, customers with some technology knowledge will have more success troubleshooting than customers with limited experience.

Coverage: Customers near heavily forested areas, such as the national forest areas of Idaho, Montana, West Virginia, Maine, and Alaska, have received limited or no signals at all. We recommend checking the Jitterbug coverage map and speaking to a representative on the official jitterbug website for more information on service coverage.

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