Is there insurance that protects a business owner from a strike?

Even if you’re only slightly up to date on news, you’re probably up to date on how politics affects a business. When an online company won a contract with the government to supply bedding in Texas detention centers, no one could have imagined the uproar?

Employees of the online furniture store showed their disapproval through a downright disturbing strike.

Despite the fact that the decision to do business with the detention center was based on the commercial advantage of making a profit and that the children in the centers would receive real mattresses and beds instead of sleeping on the floor, the employees of the company making the transaction would issue a statement of approval for detaining those illegals who illegally attempted to cross the border.

The result of the strike is not good for the company in any way and as the refusal of workers to return to work continues, things just get worse and worse.

But while strikes are happening in many industries — from teachers, hotel workers, and garbage collectors to nurses, hospital and aging home workers, and other corporate workers — there is one common thread to the broad diversity.

It can lead to great financial losses for the boss and his or her company.

And while there are a slew of insurance products that actually protect the business owner, there is only one special type of coverage that can protect a business from the devastation associated with a workers’ strike.

It’s called strike insurance.

Strike insurance can only be purchased separately from a business owner policy as it is considered special coverage.

It’s best to sit down with an insurance specialist to determine if your business would actually benefit from this type of coverage.

In terms of protection, the policy would cover the financial losses associated with an ongoing strike. Should your company be affected by a workers’ strike, you would be compensated for the daily loss of income and monetary damages associated with the strike. Please note, however, that policy limits apply and that an endless strike is also not subject to an unlimited duration of cover protection.

For more information about this type of special coverage, please contact an experienced insurance agent who has the know-how and network of leading insurance companies to find the right insurance for your business situation – at the best price.