International Surrogacy Choices

Numerous infertile couples are now looking to international surrogacy to help them with their need for a child or children, mainly due to cost. In America, surrogacy can cost up to $100,000. This may be too high a price for most couples. So many childless couples have had to look into adoption. This is now changing as international surrogacy becomes a much more viable option.

The main countries used so far are India and Eastern European countries. In India, the surrogate mother is matched with the infertile couple and once the surrogate mother has been successfully impregnated, the mother-to-be is housed, fed and medically cared for by the clinic’s staff. Clinics in India are well equipped with the latest technology and the surrogate mothers receive all the nutritional supplements they need. Because of this, most pregnancies are successful.

International surrogacy patients have flown to India not only for its high success rate but also for its cost-effective treatment. Lately, however, due to a growing unrest in India, including recent bombings, many international visitors are starting to look elsewhere, such as Russia, the Ukraine and lately there has been a lot of interest in Guatemala. For infertile couples from the US, Guatemala appears to be a viable option because of its relatively easy travel options. Guatemala also has very good fertility centers.

Ukraine is another country viewed with interest by infertile couples seeking surrogate mothers. Because it is one of the few countries that allows international surrogacy with legislation in Ukraine making it beneficial for foreigners to pursue surrogacy here. Under Ukrainian law, surrogate mothers are not allowed to keep the child after birth. In addition, surrogacy in Ukraine will be 50-60% cheaper than in the US. Also, the availability of young surrogate mothers in Ukraine is greater than in the US.

It may seem daunting at first when you look at international surrogacy. It is very understandable to be concerned about things like; the medical standards and qualifications of the infertility professionals. Also how healthy is the surrogate mother and how well will she take care of herself and the unborn child during her pregnancy. That is why it is advisable to look for a good program. The better programs offer superior clinics with well-qualified specialists and have recognized accreditation. In addition, the better programs will have done a lot of research on the surrogate mothers plus psychological and health testing. They will also take care of the surrogate mothers during their pregnancies, escorting them to the clinics they need to go to and ensuring that all their nutritional needs are properly met.

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So even though international surrogacy may seem problematic and fraught with concerns at first, hopefully after reading this you will realize that as long as you choose an accredited program, it is no more worrying than going for a surrogacy in your home country, only much cheaper, especially if you are from America.