Insure third-party cars

In my opinion, one should not drive without car insurance. My own car is very precious to me because I spent a large part of my income trying to buy it. So I had decided at that time to take out the very best insurance for my car. You never know when your precious car will be involved in an accident and the vehicle will need to be repaired.

Despite my interest in cars, I always thought auto insurance was limited to just the vehicles we drove ourselves. But in this day and age when even pets aren’t safe from the clutches of insurance, why should other people’s cars be overlooked as well?

I found out a lot about comprehensive car insurance coverage a few days ago when I was browsing the World Wide Web looking for good car insurance quotes. Who would have thought that comprehensive auto insurance also covered the cars that crashed into ours? Apparently so. Therefore, if tomorrow some crazy driver rams his headlights into your taillights; your insurance can also cover the damage to the offending car.

Isn’t that a little hard to swallow? After all, if it’s the other man’s fault, why would my insurance company finance the damage to his vehicle? But that’s how some comprehensive auto insurance policies work. Imagine, if you are a driver with little experience, and you accidentally crash into the car in front of you, and that car has this kind of insurance, you will escape the accident without a hole in your pocket.

Personally, I’m not sure I’d want to bear the damage done to someone else’s vehicle through their own rashness or careless driving. However, if I’m the rash or careless driver, it would be a big load off my chest if I have major repair work to do and my insurance company steps in to cover it.

The thought is interesting. It’s not something that would have really crossed my mind. Maybe that’s because I don’t like to pay for someone else’s recklessness. But then insurance companies want to increase their turnover. The only way to get an ever-growing number of customers is to come up with such gimmicky methods that make people think and talk.

If you are looking for a comprehensive car insurance policy for your car, take a look at the various offers in the cyber world. If the idea of ​​paying for third-party cars doesn’t seem too exciting to you, consider checking out some more mundane car insurance deals.