If you don’t wash your hair, do you have high levels of DHT on your scalp? I will tell you

Many people write to me and tell me that they think washing hair causes hair loss or thinning hair. Many find that they have more shedding when they wash their hair, so over time they decide to wash less or not at all to see if it will help the situation. And it’s pretty easy to find articles telling you that you can get your scalp clean without shampoo and that the chemicals in these products are very irritating. Yet, even with this information, I get people who will write to me and tell me they are concerned about excess DHT if they don’t wash their scalp and hair. In the following article, I will discuss the hair wax and DHT connection and offer advice on how best to go about it.

Can you really have a healthy scalp, clean hair and less hair loss if you don’t wash your hair?: The short answer to this, in my opinion, is no. Admittedly, if you refrain from bathing, you may see less shedding at first. But in the end it all works out. Hair that falls out during washing is dead hair that was going to come out anyway in the near future. The washing massages the follicles and makes the inevitable happen just a little faster. But in fact, the sooner the dead hair comes out, the sooner you can replace it with hair that will grow back and give you longer-term coverage.

And if you often skip the necessary washes, your hair will look heavy, greasy and thin. You will not get a good cosmetic result if you skip this step too often. Dirty hair is weighed down and you seem to have less of it.

I fully realize that there are groups of people who wash with conditioner only (called “COing” or “conditioner only” or “no poo”. This is usually for people with curly hair.) I also know that some people just rinse with water or vinegar and water and work the scalp with their fingertips. But I know from experience that it is difficult to remove all sebum, DHT, environmental pollution and natural oils without some kind of product. This can certainly be a natural and gentle product and I am not advocating drying out your scalp and depleting its natural and protective oils by shampooing too much.

But you will never get rid of your excess DHT (as well as your sensitivity to what you produce daily) with just shampooing. You will often need to add more to your regimen to really get to grips with this. But washing is a very important part of keeping your scalp and follicles free from clogging and choking residue. Once your follicle gets clogged, you’ve added another problem to your hair loss that you need to address. And this will often hasten your loss worse than hygiene did. I realize it can be hard to see the fallout that happens when you wash your hair, but you are better off experimenting with gentle and chemical-free products that are applied very gently but regularly.

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And an even better idea than that is to address and treat the underlying cause of your hair loss because once you can, it’s very likely that shampooing will no longer be the trauma it is now. So the short answer is that if you skip this important step, you will definitely have higher levels of potentially harmful DHT on your scalp than if you went ahead and washed regularly.