How to see Beijing in a small part

Beijing is one of the world’s absolute must-see travel destinations. It’s big, it’s exciting and it’s dynamic, but it really doesn’t have to be expensive. The tourist services are excellent and you can see this fantastic city on your own terms, without breaking the budget. You can just pick up your ticket and online travel insurance and go.

Beijing at a price you can trust

The really good news for travelers is that China is a very efficient travel destination. Everything is usually very well organized and you can do all your expenses in advance. You can literally cost a Beijing tourist package down to the penny.

The other big advantage is that in Beijing you are well within reach of most of the many major tourist destinations in Northern China. It is an excellent place to base yourself to see the country.

You have the Great Wall practically next door, and the ancient capital of Xian, another major tourist spot, in neighboring Shaanxi province. This is the home of the Terra Cotta Warriors, and you can see the whole saga of China’s glorious past from the comfort of a bullet train.

Travel on a budget that works

There is no guesswork involved in your basic travel and accommodation prices. China is one of the most popular places on earth for tourism. This is a huge country, and it has 4,000 years of an incredible past and an equally incredible future to see.

The real risk to your budget is the need to buy everything in sight. Beijing can sell you a few container loads of beautiful souvenirs. Shopping in places like Beijing takes some getting used to because everything looks good and you need to know where to find the things you want.

China in one place – What Beijing has to offer

Beijing itself as a place to visit is a real epic. This is one of the world’s greatest cities, and it can prove it. If you want to see a snapshot of modern China, this is where you can find it. The city has some really fascinating places to see:

The Summer Palace: Kublai Khan’s home in the hot northern summers, on a beautiful lake. This is the classic Chinese setting. If you’ve never seen the principles of Chinese gardens, architecture, and landscaping, you’re in for an education.

The Forbidden City: The Imperial Residence was designed to be awe-inspiring, and it still does today. The artwork alone is astonishing, one of the few examples of this highly ornate and symbolic decorative style that has survived intact. This is where the Manchu Qing dynasty rose and fell, and where modern China looks back on hundreds of years of turmoil.

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Getting around and seeing the sights

This is a place where you can merrily wander for days and watch an emerging superpower at work and play. It’s history in the making and you’re in the middle of it. China is a place that no one ever forgets. Getting travel insurance with full coverage for travel in Beijing is easy. All you have to do is get there.