How to make your child friends with the dental floss

The most important thing for the health of our teeth is good hygiene and regular check-ups with the family dentist. These habits are formed in our childhood and our parents are responsible for them. Their example plays an important role in our awareness of the right need for care. As we become parents too, it is essential to teach our children to take good care of their teeth.

In addition to the well-known rule of brushing your teeth for two minutes, it is also important to clean the hard-to-reach places with a toothbrush. Floss handles this task quite well. However, many parents do not teach their children how to floss their teeth. This mistake could cost them their healthy teeth in the future.

At first, children are not very fond of flossing. This often causes their parents to give up the idea of ​​keeping up the habit of flossing their teeth. But the future health of your children’s teeth is worth a little more patience and perseverance. The specialists at Broadway Family Dental clinic will help you with these little tips to introduce your child to flossing.

  1. The sooner you show your kids dental floss and show them how to use it, the sooner they will learn. They will remember it as an essential feature of oral hygiene.

  2. Show your child visual evidence that flossing is necessary. Children perceive everything better with visual explanations. Show them the pictures of teeth damaged by decay and explain that it is because of poor hygiene. This will help them understand the feeling of flossing teeth.

  3. Choose the most convenient variant for a child’s small hands. Consult your pediatric dentist to choose the best option together. Ease of use is a very important factor when teaching your kids.

  4. Let a child choose the device. This shows your respect and serious treatment. A child will be proud to floss his teeth with the dental floss his or her parents let him or her choose “as grown-ups do.”

  5. Be a good example yourself. Everything you do, good or bad, your children take as an example, whether you like it or not. So try to be the best, and this isn’t just about flossing your teeth.

At what age should flossing start? As soon as your child has the first teeth that are in a row. As soon as the first gap appears between the teeth, they need good hygiene. Take care of your children’s oral health and they will thank you for it for the rest of their lives.