How to Choose the Best Dog Insurance Company

You never know what will happen to your dog. If you have to take him to an expensive vet, then you’ll be glad you had the foresight to get insurance. Here are a few things to look for when finding the best dog insurance company.


First and foremost, you want to see how long the company has been in business. As with most things, the more experience the company has, the better. However, this is not always the case, as larger companies are not always the best choice.


Before looking into anything, make sure the company is licensed to do business in your state. You may also want to think about the future. If you ever plan to move and bring your dog with you, the business must be licensed in that state as well.


Of course, you’ll definitely want to take a look at the cost of getting insurance for your dog. Needless to say, cheaper plans are not always the way to go. Conversely, you may not necessarily have to have the most expensive subscription on the market. Consider your dog’s situation and your budget. As with other insurance policies, be prepared for premium increases in the future. They will especially increase as your dog gets older.

When reviewing the details of your dog insurance policy, pay attention to the benefit limit. This is the maximum amount the company will pay for a claim. If you have a $1,000 payout limit and a $4,500 vet bill, you need to make up the difference.


The best dog insurance company offers some sort of discount. One of the most common is for multiple pet owners. Covering them all with one company can save you quite a bit of money.


If you are looking for insurance for your dog, make sure you consider the claims process. Of course you want it to go as smoothly as possible. Some companies require you to pay the vet the full bill and wait for them to refund you the money.

Others let you have the vet fill out forms as part of the claim process. Insurance companies sometimes limit the vet you can take your dog to. If you take it to a network that has no network, you will have to pay a higher fee.


You don’t just have to go to the vet if something is wrong. Your dog should go to the vet at least once a year for a health check anyway. Since this is highly recommended, look for dog insurance that covers preventive care. It may not cover all areas, such as dental cleaning, vaccinations, and heartworm medication.

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Having insurance for your dog would definitely come in handy should something important come up unexpectedly. If you decide to get it, keep these tips in mind so you can find the best dog insurance company.