How to become a millionaire during your National Youth Service (NYSC) year: employment.

Lucrative employment

You may be placed to serve in an organization that has a lucrative compensation plan for corps members. There are so many organizations that pay very high fees to corpers. If you have the opportunity to serve in such companies, then you will definitely reach the “million”. Most of these organizations pay high fees and other incentives. Adding your monthly federal allowance to your monthly income minus your expenses for the month will make you a millionaire in a year. This is achievable if you really know what you want and not what you need. You must have financial intelligence to achieve your goal with this resource.

A chief of police once told me that his company paid him based on his performance, that is; the higher his output, the richer he becomes.

These lucrative employment opportunities are not limited to any particular sector of the economy. You can find well-paid organizations in both the public and private sectors. In addition, they are evident in the oil and gas, manufacturing, healthcare, banking, insurance, construction, entertainment, agriculture, transportation and government sectors of the economy. Almost all economic sectors have resources available to make you a millionaire before the end of your year of service.

Most Corps members believe that the private sector is more lucrative than its public counterpart. It is not true that only industries such as banking, construction, oil and gas and other multinationals pay a rewarding fee. I am glad to inform you that there are many opportunities to earn money in ministries and government agencies. A lab scientist who served in a general hospital told me how she legally made hundreds of thousands.

My good friend who serves in a ministry comes home every week with a huge sum of money. He works in the Commissioner’s office, so every week the Commissioner gives the entire corps in his ministry a weekly bonus. Have you forgotten that Nigeria has the richest civil servants in the world? Testimonials to public sector profitability are too numerous; time and space do not allow me to name them all. So never ignore a secondment to a public company.

It is also important to mention that there are great opportunities in the private sector. There are companies that pay high fees. During one of my investigations, I interviewed a civil engineer who worked in a private construction company. He even begged for an extension of the year of service. He told me his boss was so nice to him. He told me categorically that he made millions during the NYSC scheme.

My message is clear: don’t underestimate any organization you are placed for. The place you think is the poorest may be a gold mine in disguise. No two are the same. Corper “A” may be favored in a company where Corper “B” is struggling to survive. So never use another corpers experience as a yardstick for reposting. Your boss may just like you, and if you are loved, the company’s secret treasures will be revealed to you.

Nearly every Chief of Police feels it is deeply humiliating to serve in a local government secretariat. The corps of the local government secretariat, on the other hand, were the wealthiest in all of the local government where I served. The chairman of the local government was a very nice man. He gave the corporals the privileges enjoyed by the legal employees of the local government.

You’ll never know where the gold is until you dig. You may find the gold in the dirtiest place in a place. You won’t know the benefits of an organization until you work there. You’ll never know until you try.

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Even if there is no way to make money, you can come up with one. Open your mind and you will see opportunities. The lab scientist I talked about earlier created the possibility himself. She noted that the hospital was missing some medical consumables, which patients have to drive several miles to purchase. She decided to buy those consumables in bulk. She sold them at a very profitable rate and the clientele was high. She invented that possibility. Hundreds of corporals had served there before her and they didn’t see the chance. So open your eyes, don’t just look, try to see.

Unfortunately, most corps lobby to influence their placement. They pay in cash or in kind so they can be placed with an organization they feel is more lucrative. Most of them go to these chosen places and discover that they are hell in disguise; it turned out to be the opposite of what they were taught. Some officers were disappointed because, regardless of their unholy deed, they were never placed with their organization of choice. You have to be very careful, the Nigerian environment is characterized by corrupt and fraudulent acts, and the NYSC is no exception.

The majority of NYSC staff are credible and honest, but they also have “bad eggs”. You may also be reported to the appropriate authority for disciplinary action for bribing a NYSC official. In most cases, the NYSC officials who promise to influence placement in orientation camp have no such powers. They simply deceive corps members and abandon them.

You will see and hear complaints during your broadcast day. On that day I saw most of the corps crying because someone had made them an empty promise. They were placed in places they never wanted, regardless of their financial and non-financial incentives.

Posting depends on so many factors. It is not always possible to influence your posting. First, it depends on the number of corps members the organization needs. Secondly, your occupation also affects it, and your gender is another factor. If a company needs 20 engineers and only three administrators, your lobbying won’t get them to increase the quota. So if you are not an engineer or an administrator, your service is not needed. The NYSC only gives them corpers based on their request.

Furthermore, there are some states that all corps members are mandated to teach in schools, don’t let anyone fool you, no one can change it. You are required to be in class if that is the state law. Your lobbying can never take you to a place where your service is not needed.

I say again that there are opportunities to make good money in every organization. It takes your ability to identify opportunities in your organization. My humble advice is; actively participate in all activities in the orientation camp and pray to God for His favor.

Get useful information about the company you want to work for. Make sure you know everything about the organizations you want to work with. Visit their websites so you can familiarize yourself with their hiring process. You can even apply for job openings. Maybe they’ll call you after the year of service.