How magnets work to heal the body

This article explains how magnets work to promote healing in the body.

Many people seek alternative health care due to the high cost of paying medical bills and knowing that one prescription drug will lead to another, mainly due to side effects.

I recently went to the hospital and did not know why I was experiencing extreme pain. The doctor said to me, “It looks like an ovarian cyst has ruptured. Here are some painkillers and all you can do is let your body take care of it. Go to the obstetrician and do a follow-up visit.” Well, I got the bill a few weeks ago. That one trip cost me over $1,000 (even after insurance) and there was really nothing they could do for me.

It makes sense to stay healthy. It’s definitely cheaper! Who really enjoys paying obscene amounts of money every month for something that you’re supposed to make you feel better, but doesn’t. The treatment we get today only treats the symptoms of a disease, but doesn’t really find the cause.

How does magnet therapy work?

Magnetotherapy, like other alternative therapies, wants to encourage you to find the cause of your illness and not just mask the symptoms. Take arthritis for example. Arthritis is inflammation of the joints. Doctors will prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs to stop the inflammation. What they don’t look at, however, is why your body causes inflammation. Your body will remain inflamed and you will keep filling up that prescription bottle and eventually realize over time that the pills are no longer working and you are still in pain.

Inflammation can be caused by a number of reasons, such as dehydration, insufficient nutrients from consuming unhealthy foods, lack of strong muscles or cellular failure.

Using therapeutic magnets can reduce your inflammation in the body. This is important research because inflammation causes swelling and swelling puts pressure on surrounding nerves and tissues, which in turn causes pain. You want to reduce the pain without adding new toxic substances. Magnet therapy can do that.

Magnetotherapy does not work by attracting iron into your body as some might claim. No one is really sure how it works, but research is currently underway. There are some theories and some clinical research that prove it works.

Research from the University of Virginia shows that applying magnetic fields to an injured area works in the same way as applying an ice pack. Reduction of inflammation is achieved and swelling is reduced.

Another important point to understand is that the Earth is a giant magnet. We live under a huge magnetic field. Because of this magnetic field, an important discovery about the Schumann resonance was made.

The Schumann resonance is an atmospheric frequency that exists in the planet’s ionosphere. It beats at a certain frequency and every living cell responds to this frequency. Even our brains.

Have you ever experienced a blackout in your home? Do you notice how quiet it is when no devices are on? All devices give off a certain amount of energy. If you live in the city you will notice how noisy and loud and how fast it is. You can also get sick more easily. This is because city life can block many of those healthy Schumann resonances that your cells need to function normally.

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Your cells also vibrate at a certain frequency. If they get a different signal, they can get out of balance and you can get sick and get certain conditions.

Researchers in Tokyo, Japan found that magnets prevented the buildup of an enzyme called cholinesterase. This enzyme inhibits acetylcholine, a chemical essential in pain management.

When muscles contract, acetylcholine is released and causes depolarization of the muscle cells. Sodium ions enter the cells (Na+) and calcium ions are released and bind to the troponin-tropomyosin

complex in the muscle fibers. Energy (ATP) is released, which shortens the muscle fibers and thus maintains a contraction.

Cholinesterase inactivates acetylcholine, the precursor of muscle contraction. The theory states that magnets prevent the buildup of cholinesterase or reduce the amount that is already there. The remaining cholinesterase splits the acetylcholine into its components and stops the stimulation of muscle fibers. This theory was tested on guinea pigs.

Another theory of how magnets work to heal the body is from Lonny Brown, Ph.D. He believes that when the body is introduced to a magnetic field, positively and negatively charged ions become active and produce heat in the body. This causes dilation of the surrounding capillaries and promotes blood flow.

As you know, an increase in blood flow promotes the release of nutrients and the excretion of waste products that linger in the body.

As of today, there is no definitive answer to how magnets work to heal the body or even why they work. I believe part of the lack of research in America has to do with pharmaceutical companies making a profit.

Where would they get all their patients from if they came to understand that the body is its own pharmacy and that healing begins from within. When you know how things work and understand them, staying healthy is key and not just masking the symptoms.

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