How Canadians can benefit from health and dental insurance

Canadians benefit from a government-funded national health insurance program that provides basic hospital care coverage. While as Canadians we do get some coverage, each province and territory may provide additional benefits under their own respective plans.

If you’re Canadian and have lived in a few provinces over time, it’s best to understand how coverage varies significantly from province to province.

Health and dental insurance

The average cost for a dental cleaning varies, but in general you will want to pay on average between $150 and $200. In addition to cleaning work; Fillings, extractions, and root canals can cost you hundreds of dollars.

Prescription drugs

Provinces offer partial or full coverage for senior citizens and those entitled to social assistance. What about the rest of the Canadian working class, how can they fill in the gaps where cover is not an option?

This is where additional insurance becomes necessary for many. Some insurance companies offer discounts for couples and families with 3 children or more that are worth looking into.

Additional health insurance plans may include the following types of therapies;

• Psychiatry

• Physiotherapy

• Osteopathy

• Naturopathy

• Chiropractor

• Podiatry

You can ask yourself the following question when deciding whether or not you need health insurance;

Do I need a prescription, vision, or dental coverage?

Supplemental insurance plans usually cover about 40% to 80% of health care needs, such as: dental, vision, psychologists, podiatrists, chiropractors, hearing aids, and various medical devices.

There are many factors that go into what your monthly plan will cost. Here are some of the questions you should answer to get your rate.

• The number of people included in the plan

• The type of cover you need

• Whether or not to include prescription drug coverage in your plan

• Your current health, family medical history

• Whether you are a smoker or a non-smoker

• Gender affects your rate

• Your job

• Where in Canada you live

Whether or not you opt for additional health insurance is up to you. The idea is not to wait until you have a health condition or need a medical service that is not covered by the government plan to inquire about a plan. You want it to be accessible when you need it. When it comes down to it; health insurance policies can be tailored to your needs as well as the needs of those who will have coverage with you.