How a home warranty benefits buyers

Entering into a purchase agreement for a house is no small obligation. When entering into a real estate transaction, buyers can use a variety of tools to protect themselves. A home warranty is a way to ensure that you won’t experience unexpected expenses from repairs to your home.

Reliable repairs

If something goes wrong with a device or system covered by a home warranty, you can simply call the insurance company to schedule a repair service. For example, if the heating or cooling system stops working or the refrigerator starts making a strange noise, you can call to file a claim. The company will handle the situation and call in a professional who will diagnose and fix the problem. The professionals who provide service under the terms of the housing guarantee are pre-screened to ensure a high-quality finish.

Protection against expenses

Having a warranty protects you from unexpected costs. During the initial term of the contract, you avoid typical costs associated with wear and tear on systems and devices. Once the original policy expires, you also have the option to renew it to continue your coverage. This way you can insulate yourself from many of the service costs associated with owning a home. Most policies do not set any service restrictions. This means that you can have as many parts repaired or replaced as needed.

Fast claim process

When you call for a claim, you can count on a fast turnaround time for service. The insurance company will respond quickly with a qualified contractor coming over to inspect the problem. Once diagnosed, the company will promptly make the repair or replacement. If a contractor is not available within a certain time period, most companies will allow you to use another contractor outside of their approved network to ensure prompt service.


Devices and systems wear out over time and with use. If a covered device or system breaks down and needs to be replaced, the home warranty policy will cover the cost of replacing and installing the new system or device.

Locksmith services

Many policies also offer locksmith services to policyholders. With this service, if you lock yourself out of your home, you can get free help from the locksmith as a service of the contract. Check if the contract has a limit on the number of times per year you can call a locksmith.

Device upgrades

If you choose to upgrade devices before they wear out, your policy can give you significant discounts on your purchases. Check the terms of the contract to see if you can get discounts on future device purchases.

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Build your own plan

Explore options for building a coverage plan that fits your unique needs. Many companies offer customization options, such as choosing which items are included in the plan and determining the level of coverage you want. This ensures that you don’t pay for coverage you don’t need.

Having a home warranty means you can relax after purchasing a home knowing that you have coverage that protects your budget from unexpected expenses and costly repairs.