Health Plans Dental Eyes Oregon – Save big on dental and more in Oregon by doing this

There are several plans available in the state of Oregon in which you can save quite a bit of money on health plans, dental, eyes and other special services. The plans I’m referring to are called Dentist Discount Plans, and there are several discount plan providers in the cities of Portland, Salem, Eugene, and other major cities.

These plans are not insurance coverage. The way these are designed is to save you money by visiting a participating dentist or specialist within the plan’s network. By doing this you can save 10-60% on major dental care, routine preventive care and even cosmetic dentistry. Some plans offer cosmetic dentistry, not all. There are also specialized dental discount plans that provide care for your eyes, as well as discounts for chiropractic and prescription drugs, depending on the plan you choose.

These programs are independently owned and are in no way affiliated with the Oregon government. Because these discount plans are not insurance, you simply pay for your treatment in full at the time of your appointment. The dentist will not charge anyone for any reason.

This is how these dental discount plans work. You sign up by paying an annual fee, either for an individual or family plan. This costs much less than dental insurance (as low as $80 per year) and you can see your new dentist in 1-3 days. The savings are phenomenal and, depending on your needs, you’re likely to save a lot more than what you paid for the plan on your first visit. So if you need dental eye health plans in Oregon, you need to take a close look at dental discount plans for the best savings.

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