Guide to choosing the right family holiday insurance policy

Choosing the best family holiday insurance policy is more than doing an online comparison and buying the cheapest option you can find. Besides the price, there is more that makes a policy worthwhile.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that there are many different types of travelers. Solo backpackers may be able to get the best value in a multi-trip policy costing just £30, but families traveling together have different needs – including the age of family members, the total value of their luggage and their itinerary. For these reasons, there is no recommended policy that is right for everyone. Instead, there are crucial factors to consider when choosing the best policy for your family.

Are you going on multiple trips?

Family vacation insurance policies can be one-way or multiple-trip, and the value of each really depends on how many trips your family takes in a year. Multiple trip policies cover an unlimited number of short trips within a calendar year; but if your family goes on vacation at least four times a year, a multi-trip option will understandably save you money in the long run — not to mention the hassle of going through the whole process every time you plan a trip. If you think a multi-trip policy is a viable option, choose one that covers the countries you often visit or would like to visit and cross off the list of countries you don’t go to, as this will affect the final price.

Do you need group coverage?

When taking out individual insurance, you only have to think about your personal needs – and that is usually easier. But when choosing the best family vacation insurance policy, you need to consider each member’s individual needs. In general, it will be cheaper to buy a policy that covers the whole family rather than one policy for each member of the family. But again, there are even more considerations to think about. For example, if you get a policy that covers everyone, does that policy allow individual members to travel alone or does it only apply if you are traveling together? You will need to find a provider that can provide you with exactly the policy you need, depending on how often you normally travel individually and as a family. It can be difficult at first to find if your needs are specific, but it’s worth the extra effort.

Will you settle for the standard limits or will you get additional coverage?

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Basic cover is stated on every family holiday insurance policy. For some families this may be enough, but of course not all families are the same. Typical standard coverage includes flight cancellation, baggage damage or loss, missed flights, urgent medical attention, and personal liability. However, the amount covered can vary depending on what you choose and specific details you want to add, such as outdoor activities or sports you want covered.