Grier’s Almanac: 200 Years of Service

One of my favorite “reads” are almanacs. From the aforementioned Information please almanac to the Old Peasant AlmanacThese handy paperbacks contain a wealth of information on almost any subject, especially the more general tomes such as Information Please.

In November 2005, I visited my local drugstore and found they had free copies of Grier’s Almanac available to customers. Similar to the design of the Old Farmer’s Almanac, I took a copy home.

While not laced with stories like those found in the Old Farmer’s Almanac, Grier’s includes the usual “constellation” information that farmers in the past could rely on to help them determine when to plant. In addition, you will find information about daily weather forecasts, a fishing calendar, an exhaustive list of holidays for the year and interesting chronological information about events that occurred on certain dates in history. At the back of the almanac is a section devoted to advertisements of all kinds.

As with most almanacs in this particular genre, Grier’s has a number of advertisements. Some are useful and contain advertisements for insurance and gardening, while others are bizarre and contain advertisements for oils and candles to fool your opposing attorney. Okay, if it works, great!

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Grier’s is that 2006 represents their 200th anniversary edition. The almanac has been published for two centuries, including during the entire Civil War, a remarkable achievement.

Grier’s is written only for the southern states from Virginia to Texas. As previously mentioned, copies are free and can be found in many drugstores, feed and seed companies, and stores in the South. The annual circulation is said to exceed three million copies.

Congratulations to Grier’s Almanac Publishing Company of Atlanta for 200 Consecutive Years of Service!

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