Get student car insurance at the best price

The reasons why young people pay more vary. While the main reason is still the historical accident data and lack of driving experience, young people can still save some money by taking advantage of the discounts on offer. Auto insurers generally offer discounts even for teenagers. All you have to do is enter your details such as car, age and zip code and you will see the available discounts within seconds. Below are the typical student discounts that a teen can use:

1. Good student discounts

College or high school students are eligible for this type of discount, the only parameter being that they must maintain good grades. By studying hard, students can save a lot of money. The survey of auto insurers found that students who excelled in studies had a lower risk of accidents. The financial risk of this type of student is therefore smaller, which means that they can get a discount if they get good grades. The basic idea behind this discount is that it takes consistent effort, dedication and qualities to get good grades and it also means they have all the qualities to be a great driver.

Qualifications for a good student discount

· The discount percentages are generally offered to students who maintain a B or higher grade throughout the year. When this criterion is met, they are entitled to a 10% discount on the car insurance premium. Not only does hard work help you succeed in life, but it also helps you save significant money during your studies.

· The student must be a full-time student and may not attend part-time or distance learning.

· There is an age limit of 25 years for the student.

For parents who pay their children’s insurance premiums, you can always tempt them to study harder. If they try and for some reason can’t achieve it, you can always motivate them to study harder and perform better in the coming year.

2. Certified safety classes for drivers

There are different types of education classes meant for drivers. They will be taught by traffic police officers and other experienced drivers who will share valuable tips about driving. Learning from them and passing the class will naturally make you a better driver than you were before. When you present the certification to insurance companies, they can give you a discount of up to 10% of your premium. However, when you participate in certified driving safety classes, make sure that they are recognized by the auto insurers.

3. Buy a car with lower insurance costs

The price of the car and the type of car you buy play a major role in determining the premium. For teenagers, insurance costs are anyway twice that of a 40-year-old. However, the car you choose can help you lower your rates to some extent. Don’t buy sports cars like Porsche or new flashy car that is favorite among thieves. To stay safe and avoid large auto insurance costs, buy used cars like Toyota Camry, which are safe and don’t have a huge insurance premium price tag.

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4. Resident students get a discount!

Students who plan to join a college or university in a different place, usually more than 100 miles away, are eligible for this type of discount. Although not many people are aware of this, this discount can be enjoyed by students who do not plan to drive to their school or use their car only on limited occasions when they are at home. However, this must be accompanied by proof, such as a letter of admission, along with the college address. The car insurer also needs proof of mileage and this discount may come with some restrictions.

5. Research and find the cheapest student car insurance online!

If you spend some time searching the internet, you can find student car insurance at cheap prices. Auto insurance companies generally offer insurance coverage at a lower price compared to the rates charged by agents and other third parties. In a few clicks you can compare the policies and choose the one that suits you best.