Focus on time management to get more clients

To get more customers while keeping your business profitable, learn how to connect with people, but always set a time limit. I heard this from an insurance agent named W. Clement Stone. This man sold 122 policies in one day. I can’t even imagine how you even visit 122 people in a day, but he sold 122 policies. In his first year he sold an average of 44 policies a day. He started his career with a lot less sales. He determined that he was not selling as much as he could because he was spending too much time with one person. So he decided that in order to get more business, he would reduce the amount of time he spent connecting with each person and connect with more people. That’s simple math, right?

Have you ever sat down with someone who is willing to take two hours of your time, and when you get past those two hours, you think, “Wow, that wasn’t a good use of my time?” This is not how to efficiently increase customers. Set a time limit for connecting with the people you want to connect with and you’ll get more business in less time.

Take a bigger approach to time management. What do you want to achieve in your life? Focus your attention, time and efforts on things that will help you gain knowledge and education and become more focused as an expert in your field. What should you focus on to get better in your life? Should you focus on learning how to get referrals, get more business, or how to make your business truly profitable? Write down one thing that you know that if you focused on it, it would make you a greater expert at what you want to achieve.

Now think about the one thing that you need to improve in your life, which is that if you improved it, it would bring substantial returns in your life. What W. Clement Stone realized is that if he wanted to get more clients in a short period of time, he had to perfect his presentations. Whatever he was going to present, he wanted it prepared and rehearsed down to a science. He knew what he was going to say, and if someone else said something to him in the form of an objection, he could answer it without hesitation.

Need to work on your presentation? How about a script to get referrals? Determine what you need to improve and go for it. Go all out. One of my favorite sayings a coach of mine used to say to me is “Go big or go home”. When you focus and take action, spend your time on the things that can make you better at what you do, you will get more customers in a short time and make your business profitable.