Find the right eye care insurance

More than 50% of US citizens wear contact lenses or prescription glasses and this leads to the importance of eye health insurance. One can get their plans directly from the insurance company or through your employer.

Different insurance plans for your eyes

Insurance plans offer discounts on glasses or benefit packages. The benefit package usually covers eye exams for which you may be required to pay a co-payment at the time of the service. Your balance will then be carried by your plan. Unlike a discount plan, you pay for the entirety of the services, but at a lower price.

When you use your eye care insurance, whether this is a discount package or a discount package, you buy 2 products:

  • Specific eye care products and services such as contact lenses, prescription glasses and eye exams.
  • Access to a network of specialists who have agreed to deliver the products before your eyes and/or services at a discounted price. These are usually general ophthalmologists and optometrists. However, there are cases where specialist ophthalmologists are included, such as refractive surgeons who offer LASIK and visual correction procedures other than eyeglasses.

With these 2 products, it is therefore crucial to evaluate the network of experts and their services offered when choosing your eye care insurance. When evaluating, determine your current and future needs for your overall health. You may want to check your records for the past 1 or 2 years to find out what types of services you and your family have used as this would determine your future needs.

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