Find the best hospitals in Bogota, Colombia

Bogotá is the capital and most populous city of Colombia, a large country in Latin America. Bogotá is the 30th largest city in the world and features many green parks, famous landmarks and amusement parks. The city is a major tourist destination and is one of the most important industrial centers in Latin America. There are many good hospitals and leading doctors in Bogotá. Some of the leading hospitals provide healthcare that is compatible with global standards. These centers have a much higher nurse to patient ratio than most others and offer warm accommodation in a friendly environment.

San Ignacio University Hospital (HUSI) Located at Carrera 7 No. 40-62, Bogota is a premier healthcare facility with wide recognition in the country. The Ministry of Social Protection and the National University recently announced that this hospital is among the top three of Colombian hospitals. This 304-bed, four-story hospital has a 22-bed pediatric ward, ten operating theaters and two delivery rooms. The HUSI offers the best medical and surgical service for various specialties and subspecialties. The radiology, nuclear medicine, ultrasound and plastic surgery departments are fully equipped. The hospital has advanced CT scans and magnetic resonance imaging. The emergency department and intensive care units are adequately equipped for intensive care patients, children and infants. The internationally renowned center for oncology treatment and research: the Javeriana Oncology Center is part of the Hospital Universitario San Ignacio. HUSI is an important school of education in the country and more than 80% of the staff doctors are bilingual. It has a special area for international patients with English speaking staff and offers comfortable accommodation in 17 suite rooms. Contact: +57 316-466-0399

Hospital Santa Fe de Bogota Foundation located at Calle 119 No. 7 – 75. Bogotá is an important hospital with state-of-the-art facilities. This service-oriented hospital was founded in 1983 by the famous non-profit healthcare organization Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá. It is a private teaching hospital with 13 departments, 6 advisory committees and 2 institutes. The hospital has 1,500 employees and provides care to approximately 150,000 clients annually. The hospital employs excellent doctors and has fully-fledged departments in all branches of medicine. The Department of Surgery has sections for Cardiovascular Surgery, Hepatobiliary Surgery, and Neurosurgery. The operating rooms all have facilities for laparoscopy, microsurgery, laser surgery, argon coagulation, autotransfusion, extracorporeal circulation and laminar flow systems. This hospital has the lowest rate of surgical site infections in Colombia. The hospital has all the latest technological devices, including the Philips IE 33 scanner to display 2D, 3D and 4D images, the SPECT-CT Gamma Chamber for advanced testing, the Clinac iX with modular radiotherapy for cancer therapy and the PET/CT and holmium laser for minimally invasive treatments. The hospital has modern ICs, emergency care and various laboratories. Phone: (571) 6030303

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The forest clinic located at Calle 134 No. 12-55; northern Bogota DC is another popular hospital in the city. A group of eminent doctors founded this hospital in 1977. The hospital currently provides complete and cost-effective medical service in all major medical specialties. The well-known operating department has eight operating rooms and specialized departments for general surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, plastic surgery, neurosurgery and microsurgery. Clínica El Bosque has a pharmacy and laboratories all accredited by international bodies. The intensive care unit has 14 beds and the emergency department as a whole is equipped with modern equipment to provide the excellent service of specialist doctors and nurses. The hospital has established a non-profit educational institution, the Forest Colombian School of Medicine. Phone: 1-2740577