Email marketing for tennis clubs

No, email marketing is not dead!

And I’m about to show you why.

In reality.

All businesses and tennis clubs should use this powerful method to market, grow and stay in touch with their customers or members.

The best part is the ROI.

It costs next to nothing to run an auto-responder these days and the return on investment for your club will be unprecedented.

Here’s an outline of what your club’s sales funnel can and should look like.

On the front side.

Use direct response marketing to offer prospects a free trial lesson.

What your employees need to do is get their contact details and add them to your mailing list on that first visit (be sure to ask too).

If they don’t, none of this will work.

Rear end.

Use email marketing to contact all prospects and members the next day.

Treat them like people when you do this.

Share free offers and come up with creative ways to get them to the club during the week.

I am thinking.

Free dinners and free gifts are a great idea.

And always use telemarketing as a follow-up to your email marketing.

Your referral system.

Here you send an email and ask your members to give you 3 names of people who might be interested in joining your club.

I would offer a referral reward to encourage them to do it as it seems to work every time.


Make sure this referral reward is WORTH their time and effort.

Think about it… you can afford to lose money on the front-end because you get 3 lifetime members on the back-end if you serve them right!

So don’t be cheap with your rewards.

Then follow up on the reward with a personal thank you note.

The final way to use email marketing for your club is to…

Affiliate Marketing.

“This is when you get a commission for introducing a product or service to your members from another company.”

I would only focus on companies with great products and service and also negotiate the commission.

You’re actually better off helping them set up an affiliate program and then become their Super connected.

In this way.

It will be a win-win situation for both your club and them.

Use this sales funnel as a guide, then focus on updating each segment of your funnel until you have a fine-tuning with “Tennis Club Cash Machine”.