Earn money online easily – even if you are new to the internet, 7 easy steps

Legitimate ways to make money online exist, and one of the easiest for the beginner is to join affiliate programs. Think about it, the product already exists. You are already ahead of the crowd, you don’t have to come up with a product or service. That’s the beauty of it, you can use time, money and effort.

These days you can become an affiliate of almost any company, and since most pay up to 50% for every product you sell, this really is easy money.

You can sell anything from books to loans, clothes, insurance, jewelry, and so on just by using the affiliate link they give you in your email signature, or by having an affiliate website.

Consider these simple steps:

1. Once you’ve found an affiliate program you’re interested in, I recommend purchasing their product or service or simply signing up for free. Remember, it’s always easier to endorse something you personally use, something you know has value.

2. Sign up for the auto-responder service, you build a list. Write two advertisements. A classified ad for the affiliate product (5-10 lines) and also a solo ezine ad (longer sales letter). Some member companies have examples for you. Make sure your opt-in form leads to your auto-responder, not the affiliate site, as you want to own the list to follow up with people. Write tree sequences for your auto-responder. First, you just have to give people highlights of the product you’re proposing, and then give them your affiliate link. The next two follow-ups can be just reminders to check your partner recommendation.

3. Advertise! That step can take the most time. There are few advertising methods to choose from, and there is also a learning curve. When choosing an advertising method, consider your budget and your knowledge or skills. If you have experience writing ads, PPC marketing may be the easiest and fastest method for you. If you’re on a tight budget, consider setting up a blog with good, unique content where you can promote the product or service. Check out forums and groups like Facebook, Tweeter, etc. and direct them to your blog. Find people who are successful in generating leads and learn from them.

4. You may now see affiliate commission coming in. That’s excellent news, but the real money comes from your newly created list and repeat sales. Reinvest the money you’ve earned into additional ad spots. It’s tempting to spend your first internet-earned money, but if you’re here for a long time, you need to change the way you think about it. Entrepreneurs are constantly expanding their business. Adopt that same mindset.

5. Add two or more messages to your series of automatic replies, spaced a few days apart. This is additional support for the product. Keep adding content in the form of free articles with your blog or affiliate link. Video is a very powerful way of advertising, make short informative videos, post them on YouTube and link them to your blog.

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6. You may now have a substantial list of prospects to work with. You should start researching additional products you can endorse. Send an email blast from your autoresponder to your prospects and customers and recommend a new product. You must have established a relationship with your group. Give away free products or information, you could teach them how to set up blogs and websites, generate leads, and so on.

7. Now that you are making money from affiliate sales, you can choose to build your own website and create your own sales funnel. Develop your own product or service and grow your business.

And the best part is: it’s your business, you’re in charge, you choose your hours and you have the freedom to do, be and have what you want.

Life is supposed to be good for you! Go ahead and start living it.