Driving and texting a bad mix

Driving and texting is a bad combination. Save a life, maybe yours!

I was driving my brand new 50th Anniversary Ruby Red Mustang with my husband in the passenger seat on a clear, sunny day with temperatures in the 40s on April 18, 2015. We waited patiently at a yield sign for traffic to stop when we felt a heavy shock on our seats. The SUV behind us had plowed into the backseat of our new Mustang. My husband immediately called the police. I quickly got out of the Mustang and walked behind my mustang before the driver backed up and left the scene of the accident. I looked at the driver, a young woman around 21, and saw she was texting!

I quickly snapped a photo of the back of my new Mustang with the license plate embedded in the bumper of my car. Her SUV was undamaged except for her missing license plate that was in the back of my previously new, now damaged Mustang. The back of it looked like a folded accordion. At least no one was injured.

The police and fire brigade were on the scene within 10 minutes of the accident. We showed the policeman her driver’s license in our Mustang. The policeman removed it from the back of the Mustang with great force and handed it back to the SUV driver, instead of confiscating the evidence!

The young woman told me a few minutes later how sorry she was for damaging my new Mustang. She said, “I was on my way to college to take my finals because I’ve been sick. My finals have been postponed until today!”

The young woman’s mother showed up, not wanting her daughter to sign the police report admitting her guilt.

My damaged new Mustang was driven to the dealer and then to the local repair shop.

Meanwhile, the young woman who drove her SUV by my new Mustang while texting was called by her insurance company representative. She said, “It was your fault and the police don’t count as witnesses. Our insurance company won’t pay the claim!”

I told her insurance agent that I had a passenger in my car who witnessed what her client had done to my new 50th Anniversary Mustang and that her client’s driver’s license was embedded in the back of my car. I took a picture to prove it!”

After her call I called my insurance agent and told him what she said and asked him to handle it!

It took 6 months and over $12,000 to fix my 50th Anniversary Mustang to look like new! The fire department sent me a $200 bill and the repair shop gave me a $200 bill after the insurance was paid.

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My insurance company paid the claim and eventually forced her insurance company to reimburse them for their customer’s damage to my Mustang.

Most people are conditioned to respond immediately to other people’s needs, warnings, and messages. Like a lab rat addicted to drugs, our brains are rewired to respond.

In the United States, distracted drivers cause 1 in 4 road accidentss. That is 1.6 million crashes caused every year 330,000 injured and killed every year.

Is it worth your life not being able to wait a few minutes to respond to the ping or alert you just received?

One thing I’ve found helpful is putting my cell phone in the “off” position and placing it out of range.

If you need your phone for navigation, turn off the alerts from all apps other than your map app. They will be there when you arrive at your destination. And more importantly… you arrive at your destination in one piece!