Dodge City Community College – Equine Science Program

The Dodge City Community College is a two-year public community college that offers associate’s degrees in several areas of study. Dodge City Community College is located in Dodge City Kansas and offers several degrees in equine science.

The equine science program was developed in 1979 for students interested in occupational recreational experiences with horses. Classes in the equine science program include horsemanship, breaking and training, breeding, stable management, and health and nutrition. Students can also participate in internships, showing, judging and various other activities.

There are different levels of riding lessons available for novice riders through to advanced skill building lessons. Classes are limited in size so students can focus on more hands-on activities. Horsemanship I (Beginning Horsemanship) is intended for the novice or novice rider. Students enrolling in this class may have some driving experience or no experience at all. The students learn the basic principles of horsemanship and safety. This program also offers intermediate horsemanship for riders who have more horsemanship experience. Students in this class should feel comfortable riding a wide variety of different horses. The last horsemanship class offered is advanced horsemanship. This lesson is for students who already have a lot of experience with horse riding. These individuals have had extensive previous coaching and skill development in at least one aspect of horsemanship (such as rodeo or showing) and are looking to further expand their horsemanship skills and knowledge.

Another class offered at Dodge City Community College is breaking and training. These classes are designed to help students train horses for their own enjoyment or as a career. Students enrolling in these classes must have at least intermediate driving skills. Students will have hands-on learning experiences and will help train multiple horses at different levels of training.

Students interested in the breeding aspect of the equine industry can enroll in some of the many breeding classes on offer. Breeding and foaling classes are offered on campus or on farm activities in conjunction with internships. These classes are designed to train students who want to breed their own horses or students who want to gain professional experience. The two techniques highlighted in this course are artificial insemination and chilled sperm.

Students who are more interested in the business side of the equine industry can also take some of the stable management courses available. These classes are designed to train students in the business aspects of raising foals, training horses, accounting, marketing, business planning and organization, management skills, and insurance and liability.

Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of equine farming. You must be able to properly feed and maintain your horse to maintain its health and give it the best opportunity to learn. The feeding classes will teach students ration formulation as well as theory of suitable feed, nutritional diseases and lowest cost analysis.

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Students also learn the evaluation and selection of horses. The best way for students to do this is to prepare and participate in judging events at shows such as the American Quarter Horse World Show, the National Reining Horse Futurity Show, and the Paint Horse World Show. Students can also earn up to eighteen hours of credit by completing an internship during the spring or summer semester. Some students are even allowed to do internships at the American Quarter Horse World Show.

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