Do you know what car thieves look for when they try to steal a car?

Knowing what car thieves look for in cars they want to steal can go a long way in protecting your property and yourself. Here are a few things most thieves notice about you and your vehicle before deciding whether to try or not. There are many ways to take preventative measures to ensure that your car doesn’t end up first on the list as well.

Several times we as car owners have locked a set of keys in the car and couldn’t get them out. To prevent this from happening again, we use a wrench to place the spare kit somewhere on the outside of the car for just such emergencies. Thieves use this to their advantage and start looking for these extra keys first.

When found, all they have to do is unlock the door and drive off in your vehicle. To avoid this, it’s always best to keep any extra sets of car or house keys with you and don’t lose track of them. They also check if your car has a specific type of alarm decals.

This way they know how to deactivate that alarm system. Whenever you buy a car, look for these decals and remove them all. You can also invest in a hood latch cable that prevents thieves from reaching under the hood to disable the battery and alarm system.

Car thieves can use your vehicle registration, insurance card or title to find out your home address. This in itself is very dangerous as they now know where you live and can guard your residence to plan a robbery there as well. Documents that are important, such as your titles, should be kept in a safe, secure place in your home. Your insurance and registration information should be kept in your wallet or handbag for safekeeping.

Never leave your car running or unlocked, as many thieves take this opportunity to just jump in and drive off before you even know what happened. Many sit in their vehicles and look at areas where people tend to do this, such as video stores, post offices, and ATMs, to keep an eye out for this. Why should we make criminals’ jobs easier for them?

If there are valuables or interesting items in plain sight in your car, thieves will often break your windows or break your door locks to get to these items. To avoid this, keep all valuables and personal items out of sight. Put them under the seats, in the trunk of the car or keep them with you.

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Keep you and your family safe by learning what car thieves look for and how to use these and more preventative measures to ensure everyone’s safety. We work hard for the things we have and must do what we can to prevent others from taking them from us. Some local police departments even have theft prevention classes, so check with your local police department to see if this is offered in your area.