Discover Singapore! Travel to Singapore

It is recommended to buy the tourist pass for unlimited train rides for 1-3 days. You can buy it at the airport, TransitLink Ticketing offices or even online. You may need to adjust your itinerary according to your hotel’s location, as some locations are closer to you than others.

When you go out to eat check that the tip is included in the bill before tipping the waiter. It is not customary to tip at hawker centers. Also note that it pays to make a reservation at restaurants and cafes, so it’s better to go and find a table during standard lunch hours. Once you’ve found the table you want to sit at, reserve it by placing a tissue box on the tray and wandering around the shops. The climate is hot and humid all year round so it is advisable to pack light and airy. Singapore is a very safe country, but it is advisable to take basic safety precautions when traveling to Singapore.

Gardens in the Bay: The Flower Dome set the Guinness World Record as the largest glass greenhouse in the world. This place is a must for plant lovers as there are over 380,000 plant species from all over the world. The ingenuity and uniqueness of the design make this a must visit if you travel to Singapore. Visit the inside of the dome when it’s hot and humid outside, as the inside is cool and beautiful. It is a must to walk the skyway as the view of the Marina Bay skyline is amazing. The children’s garden and the Rainforest Tree House are an excellent option for children to cool off in the heat.

Gift: Although the place is almost always busy and noisy, it is without a doubt the best place to relax after a long day of sightseeing and tourism. The view of the Marina Bay Sands is breathtaking and the modern Japanese menu is fresh and tasty. The pomegranate miso black cod is a must try and reservations should be made to avoid missing out.

Marina Bay Sands: This place should be on top of your list when traveling to Singapore. The ‘boat building’ has views like no other and while you must be a guest to access the iconic infinity pool, the next best thing to do is take the elevator to level 57. Grab a cocktail and enjoy yourself with the view that the top floor has to offer. If you plan to go to the casino, make sure you always have your passport with you.