Dental Discount Plans: Is AmeriPlan A Legitimate Alternative For Dental And Healthcare Coverage?

Before shifting my career to online marketing, I was laid off from my job at an internet start-up company and found myself with no health insurance and no dental coverage. The irony of this is that I had neglected a tooth that had been bothering me for a while, when I actually had dental coverage. So even though I had insurance, I just didn’t use it because… well, I absolutely hate going to the dentist! I also didn’t go in for my regular cleanings and checkups.

As (un)fortunately, when I was without dental insurance for the first time in years, the intensity and frequency of the toothache increased. I often woke up during the night, sometimes to the point of tears. I even argued with my wife since scheduled date nights and socializing usually turned into me being agitated and crabby because of the pain. Not to mention the frustration I felt for not having health care and dental coverage to do anything to improve my situation.

I couldn’t take it anymore and made an appointment with my dentist and made arrangements to use a high interest credit card to pay for all the necessary dental work, treatment and care needed to stop the pain. A routine exam confirmed that I needed about $3000 in dental work.

As I walked out of the dentist’s office, I noticed a bundle of AmeriPlan pamphlets placed in the office magazine rack. The receptionist didn’t know much about AmeriPlan when I inquired about the brochures. She knew it was a discount plan for health care, prescriptions, and dental bills accepted at the office. She recommended that I search the Internet for program details, as she was not allowed to really defend or promote the discount program.

Some Say AmeriPlan’s Dental Savings Are a Scam – Is It?

A Google search showed me several online forums where those posting claimed that AmeriPlan is a scam. This worried me at first, but I had read the brochure thoroughly and understood that the company was not promoting itself as a health care provider or replacement for health insurance. I understood very well that I wasn’t just paying a small co-payment every time I went to the dentist, like I did with health insurance; however, I would still benefit from savings at the dentist for each individual procedure and treatment.

It seemed like those who applied the scam tag to AmeriPlan did not accept that the program is an addition or alternative to dental and health care coverage in the form of a discount program. Others who posted about the AmeriPlan scam seemed to take offense to the fact that there are brokers selling the program online and in their neighborhood. On the other hand, I got intrigued with the business model and wondered if I should ask my broker to join the company since I was out of work and we were struggling. Of course, that eventually happened, as I’m here today to bring AmeriPlan to market.

There were also some comments suggesting that the dentists who accepted AmeriPlan were the lowest feeders in the dental world and weren’t very good. Pay no attention to this nonsense as my dentist accepts AmeriPlan’s dental savings card and he has been voted Best Dentist in Pittsburgh, PA numerous times in various polls by local newspapers and magazines. My advice is to just scan the list of dentists in your area that accept the program before signing up. That way, you’ll be sure there are participating providers within a reasonable distance of your home, and you can research their reputation online before visiting someone you’re unfamiliar with.

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AmeriPlan Dental Plus isn’t full health coverage, but it’s a cost-effective alternative to dental and health care coverage that may be your best shot at savings at the dentist, ophthalmologist, and chiropractor in addition to the pharmacy savings. I ended up saving nearly $1000 from the original quote for nothing more than a $20 a month AmeriPlan package that covers not only me, but my wife as well.

I was able to split that $1000 savings elsewhere on things that are undoubtedly better than a root canal and I didn’t have to rack up more debt and max out my credit card. I enjoyed signing up because there were no hidden fees and I could cancel at any time. I did not sign any contract term. The pharmacy savings I made with my AmeriPlan pharmacy discount card for my antibiotics and pain relievers and my wife’s acid reflux medication impressed me even more. We later expanded our plan to the AmeriPlan Healthcare package – with medical discounts on top of Dental Plus savings at the dentist and pharmacy savings.

Visit and click LOCATE PROVIDERS in the left navigation bar under My Benefits Plus to find doctors, dentists and pharmacies in your area that currently accept Ameriplan.