Creating a borderless world through social networks

Over the years, the Internet is constantly evolving and prompting endless creative ideas that leverage new online marketing strategies, such as social networking sites, to reach a greater share of online business networks.

The rise of social networking sites has created a world without borders by reaching people all over the world regardless of race or nationality, profession, affiliation, education and aspirations.

The concept of “bringing the gap between technology, business and friendship…” belongs to ConBuzz

( primary goal to connect with the world, leading professionals who desire career progression to the next level of endless opportunities, as well as achieving job satisfaction and stability their hearts desire.

Founded in November 2006, ConBuzz is headquartered in Florida, USA. The company prides itself on its innovative and comprehensive business and discovery needs. It keeps its millions of members from the seven continents up to date with daily news, current events and business events around the world. The global network helps all its members to make their way to seize unlimited opportunities to be connected to the whole world through cutting-edge technology.

ConBuzz offers a variety of services in the areas of law, finance, management, marketing, IT and internet, architecture and construction, art, creativity, media and employment.

The legal team consists of leading lawyers who are skilled in corporate law, intellectual property law/patents, employment law, mediation and arbitration and real estate law.

The finance group is a team whose expertise evolves around accounting, financial planning, insurance and real estate, while the management team excels in business processes/operations, change management, organizational development, outsourcing and strategic consulting.

If you are looking for comprehensive marketing advice, ConBuzz has a group of professionals who are experts in advertising, branding, direct marketing, events and trade shows, market research, public relations and communications, search and online marketing.

To keep pace with global demands and competitions, it has a team of IT and Internet experts who are well trained in interface design and usability, networking and security, technical support, translation and localization, web design and development, and technical writing.

ConBuzz also assists with employment related matters such as recruitment and placement,

executive search, technical recruitment, career coaching and resumes and executive coaching.

In the field of art and media, ConBuzz uses its advanced technology in audio, video, multimedia production, graphic design, photography, printing, writing and editing.

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ConBuzz is designed to take business networking social networking to the max and create virtual communities of people with global proportions with the ultimate goal of using technology to reach the entire world.