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Motor insurance is compulsory in India under the Motor Vehicle Act 1988. Motor insurance is insurance to cover the risk of third parties arising from the use of a motor vehicle and also to cover the risk of damage to the vehicle. Indian people are not concerned about life insurance plan or health insurance plan but they are more concerned about motor vehicle insurance whether they are driving a scooter or a bicycle or a car or a truck. It is mandatory otherwise it will be treated as a crime if someone is injured without an insurance vehicle.

Today, everyone has their own vehicle, the roads are full of vehicles, the risk is high, with the result that auto insurance companies are growing day by day and claims have also increased. But often policyholders don’t know exactly what to do to protect their Claims procedure for car insurance.

Here we explain how to make a claim on your car insurance. This will help you a lot.

How do you make your auto insurance claim?

We will understand this procedure step by step in some scenarios, so it will be very easy for us.

Claims for own damage: If your car has been in an accident, you must follow these steps to claim damages:

  • Inform the insurer – First of all, you should inform the insurer at the earliest and submit a duly completed claim form together with the necessary documents to the insurance company before sending the car to the garage for any repair. The forms are available on the websites of the insurers. Most insurers follow strict guidelines and are listed in the policy documentation.
  • Lodge FIRO – In some cases, First Information Report (FIR) is required, so take FIR to the nearest police station just to be sure. While it may not be mandatory for claims settlements, it is advisable to file an FIR. It depends on the condition.
  • Assess the damage – Once you inform the insurance service provider, they will appoint an expert who will assess/evaluate the damage to your vehicle. He prepares a report and passes it on to the insurance company. You will also receive a copy and then you can take your car to the nearest network garage for repair. Note: If the damage is serious, the surveyor will arrive on site for an examination at the earliest.
  • Claims settlement – Once the insurance company receives the investigation report, they analyze the claim request and send an approval to the garage. The garage will be required to provide an estimated cost of repairing the vehicle and timelines for it. The insurer contacts the network garage for an overall picture of the extent of the damage and the progress of the repair work.

After the work is completed, you must take the duly signed bills and documents from the garage and deliver them to the surveyor. The surveyor sends it to the insurance company.

Once all documents have been completed, the insurer will reimburse your bills. Please note that there are a number of mandatory deductibles and variable deductibles, as stated in the policy schedule. Once your claim has been settled and your car is in order, you can drive again.

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Auto insurance claim process for a third party claim: -If you are responsible for an accident in which a third party incurs injury or material damage, you must do the following:

  • Inquire with insurer – In the first place, you should report this to your service provider as soon as possible. Also remember not to enter into financial obligations to third parties.
  • Lodge FIRO – Deposit FIR at the nearest police station and also keep a copy of the FIR for future reference.
  • Share policy document – You are required to share a copy of your car insurance policy with the third party so that they can claim it.
  • Claim at Motor Tribunal – Under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, third party liability claims are filed with the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT). The claim may be brought by the third party in the court nearest to his/her place of residence or yours.

Upon receipt of all documents, the insurance service provider will verify the documents and assess the accident and if found satisfactory, you will be assigned a lawyer appointed by them.

If the court then orders you to pay the damages to the third party, the insurance company will pay the dues directly to the third party.

It is advisable to see if the situation can be settled amicably outside the courts.

Claims for theft: If you find that your car has been stolen, please follow the procedure below.

  • Lodge FIRO – Deposit FIR at the nearest police station and also keep a copy of the FIR for future reference.
  • Inquire with insurance service provider – You must report this to your service provider with a copy of FIR . at the earliest
  • Once you have received the final report from the police station, make a copy of it and submit it to your insurance company. The insurance company appoints an investigator. The investigator will prepare the report and submit it to the insurance company. Once that is done, submit the RC book of your stolen car to the insurance company.
  • Submit the duplicate car keys and also a letter of subrogation. You must also file a notarial claim on a stamp paper.
  • Once all formalities have been completed, the insurance company will pay out the claim.

It is very important for us to be aware of the formalities of the auto insurance claim process otherwise many people pay out of pocket due to lack of this information. Nowadays, the whole insurance service provider has a very good customer support network and their teams are also competent and cooperative, so you need to communicate with your insurer when you need it.

I wish you didn’t need these procedures. I wish you a safe ride, someone is waiting for you.