Choosing the best dental plans for your family

Dental care is essential, but many families struggle with the cost of dentistry. Having dental insurance can make it more affordable, but how can you be sure which dental plan is right for you? A little research can help you choose an insurance plan designed for your family.

Millions of people in the United States have not seen a dentist in more than a year, and more than 50% of these people cite cost as a major factor. Unless you have dental insurance, the cost of even basic, preventive care can add up. Fortunately, there are affordable dental plans available that can make visiting the dentist much more affordable.

As you consider different plans, keep your family’s needs in mind. Do you mainly need routine, preventive care, such as cleanings and X-rays? Does anyone need more specialized treatment, including orthodontics or root canals?

In the first case, you can get away with a basic plan that mainly includes preventive treatments. However, keep in mind that dental emergencies can happen at any time. No matter how careful you are, who knows when you might accidentally break or crack a tooth.

If someone in your family needs more complicated dental treatment, you should choose a plan that covers such treatment. For example, if you have a young child who appears to be approaching her teens, she may very well need braces at some point. Orthodontic treatment can easily cost thousands of dollars, making care difficult to afford for many families.

Most dental insurance plans cover some or all of the three main types of treatments. These are usually preventative care, such as regular cleanings, checkups, and X-rays. Most plans cover at least 90% of the fee for these procedures, and on more generous plans they may be free.

The second type of treatment is emergency care. For example, if you break or lose a tooth, get it treated immediately. Any unexpected accident that damages your teeth or gums falls into this category. It may be helpful to look for a strategy that covers at least half the cost of such procedures.

Finally, there may be specialized care, such as orthodontics, dentures and implants. While many people will never need such care, it may be those least able to afford the cost. It may be worth spending a little more premium each month if the process can make these procedures more affordable.

If you already visit a particular dentist, see what plans it accepts. This way you don’t have to change dentist because you are now insured. You should also know which specialists are part of your insurance plan so you know where to go in case of an emergency.

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The best dental plan can help you find affordable care for your family’s teeth. Spend some time researching your options so you can choose a reasonable insurance plan.