Can I take out travel insurance after departure?

If you are going on a trip, ideally you should take out travel insurance just before you leave. However, it is completely understandable that this may not be the case for some people. There are many travelers who ask if they can take out travel insurance after departure. This can happen if your travel insurance ends because you stayed too long in one place, your policy has expired or you forgot to buy travel insurance.

If you are already abroad and you decide to take out insurance, you can still get cover. Look for a reputable insurance company that offers a pre-travel policy. The good news is that some insurance companies are already offering this to travelers.

There are certain conditions for taking out this type of travel insurance. Leading travel insurers offer this cover under certain conditions. If you are under 65, you must not be older than 18 months outside your country of residence. If you are between 66 and 74 years old, you cannot be outside your country of residence for more than 6 months. You can also get this type of insurance if there have been no claims before or an event that led to a claim. Here’s an example of the last scenario: If you lost your laptop yesterday, don’t take out this insurance and file a claim for it.

What cover do you actually get if you get a Reeds Traveling policy?

  • 24/7 emergency medical assistance

If you get sick or injured, you can get emergency medical care 24/7, 365 days a year. Just call the emergency hotline listed in your policy. This also covers medical costs and emergency medical transport.

  • Coverage for adventure activities

There is standard cover for adventure activities as stated in the policy. Be sure to read what types of activities are covered and understand the terms.

  • Valuables

You can get this extension option on your Already Traveling policy. You can get protection for your belongings while you travel, including your bags, technical equipment, jewelry and important travel documents.

Cancellation prior to the trip is of course not covered by this type of insurance. This is because you have already left your home country. We think we should emphasize this because some travelers still ask this question, even though the insurance is specifically for people who are already travelling.

It is possible to take out travel insurance after departure. You can still get the coverage you need as a traveler. This is a convenient way to purchase travel insurance while you are already traveling. However, you should bear in mind that if you take out a policy while travelling, waiting periods and certain conditions apply. Many travel insurance companies have 36 hours before full coverage can apply after the policy is taken out. However, some policies provide immediate coverage. Check the policy and make sure you know when cover is applied.