Can I study in Australia?

Australia is rapidly emerging as a sought-after educational destination. It has various study options for students that allow them to pursue both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in this country. The country has also made it easier for students to apply through the 500 visa subclass.

Before applying to study at an Australian university, it is important that you choose your own university. There are many notable universities present here such as the University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne. The candidates must appear for the English Language Proficiency Tests (IELTS). However, if they are unable to achieve the required score for this test, they can appear for ELICOS training in this country along with their diploma. The application to study at an Australian university can be made by post or via the internet on the university’s website. A student must also provide their transcripts to the university as proof of their previous teaching qualification.

The candidate can also mention his previous work experience if necessary. The student applies for the student permit with his offer letter from the university; however, it is very important for the approval of the study permit that a student submits his registration confirmation. It is also important to get your insurance for your time as a student in this country. Confirmation of enrollment will be provided by the university if your admission is approved.

Before the confirmation of enrollment is issued to the student, he will receive an offer letter from the university after acceptance of admission. The offer letter is accompanied by an acceptance form. The student has to go through the offer letter very carefully before accepting all the terms and conditions stated on it. It is important to send your approval for all of these terms before you receive confirmation of registration. You should consult Australia student advisors so that you can get your visa with utmost ease. So before getting accepted into an Australian university, it is important to consult the intelligent advisors of a consultancy firm for this.

All courses in Australia are covered by the Australia Qualifications Framework (AQF). Therefore, these courses have gained recognition all over the world in companies. It is also important that your university or college is accredited by CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Foreign Students ).