Benefits of using Invisalign on metal braces

Cosmetic dentistry can help you realign your teeth without using metal braces that attract attention. Innovations in dentistry have made it possible to do this using a range of clear plastic removable aligners. Using a pair of Invisalign aligners every two weeks will produce visible results without causing much pain. Metal braces, on the other hand, need to be replaced every six weeks. Gradually, your teeth will reset themselves in the desired position, until they are finally adjusted. View the various advantages compared to metal braces:

1. You feel more confident than wearing traditional braces. Since they are transparent, these are less obvious.

2. If you have decided to straighten your teeth after reaching adulthood, you may prefer to use the aligners instead of the metal braces usually worn by children.

3. From a comfort point of view, Invisalign is considered superior to wire and wire braces. Because you can remove these aligners during meals, it is easier to chew your food than if you wear metal braces. Furthermore, no dietary restrictions apply while using these aligners.

4. Many of the side effects that occur when you wear traditional braces can be avoided if you use Invisalign. While using Invisalign aligners, you only need to visit your dentist once every six weeks to check the status of the treatment. Usually the healing period ranges from nine to fifteen months.

5. When planning a tooth alignment using Invisalign, the first step would be to select a skilled dental hygienist. Next, sit down with your dentist and make an appointment. When you’re done, you’ll learn how the whole process works! It is best to have prior knowledge before opting for the procedure.

6. The aligners are only custom made after your tooth line has been fully digitally mapped. This allows your dentist to work much more proficiently with a computerized, three-dimensional image of your teeth. Your doctor will then plan the adjustment of your teeth during treatment. Seeing the virtual view will help you learn how your teeth will align over the course of your treatment.

7. Custom aligners increase your comfort level. Crowded tooth line, widely spaced teeth, crossbite, overbite and underbite can all be overcome with these aligners.

8. Many dental plans include Invisalign, so check to see if your health insurance covers it. If so, determine the extent of coverage. If the costs are far above your budget, it is wise to inquire whether there is a possibility to pay the treatment costs in manageable installments.