Basics of medical billing

Whether you are planning to start a medical billing business, already own a medical billing business, work for a billing service or work in a medical office, it is critical that you fully understand the entire billing process. From the time a patient schedules an appointment to the time full payment is received, anyone involved with the patient or the billing process can influence the payment.

Billing is such an important part of a medical office. The money taken from billing keeps the office running. It pays everyone’s salary, including the doctor. It always amazes me that so many providers don’t make sure their billing is done correctly and that all the office staff don’t all work together to make sure everything that needs to be done is done.

When a patient calls to schedule an appointment, it is important that the person making the schedule not only gets all the necessary information from the patient, but also understands how insurance works so they can see if anything needs to be done prior to the patient’s appointment. appointment. Having someone who understands medical billing can reduce visits that are ultimately not covered by insurance.

The person responsible for actually filing the insurance claims should know the different requirements of each carrier and understand how to handle all aspects of billing. Following up on unpaid insurance claims is an area where most offices lose a lot of money. If you don’t have a very good tracking system, you will definitely lose money.

Many medical providers believe that only the billing person should understand medical billing. In fact, it is important that all staff have some knowledge of insurance billing to keep things running smoothly. The more the staff understands, the less money you throw out the door. Providers deserve to be paid for all the patients they treat.

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