Auto Insurance For Teenagers In Florida – What’s So Different?

If you don’t already know, Florida is a no-fault state. This means there are some requirements Florida may have that other states don’t. If you’re currently considering getting insurance to cover your teen who just got their driver’s license, here are some things to keep in mind. Some of us haven’t had to buy insurance in a while!

Florida Requirements:

– Your teen must have a learner permit before he can get an official permit. Not only do they have to get a learning license earlier, they also have to carry it with them for a whole year.
– After you have your driver’s license and are ready to drive, you must pass the following:

1. PIP coverage, also known as personal injury protection.
2. Bodily Injury Liability: $10,000.

(Note: you should always check with an insurance agent for any changes).

Although the minimum requirement is not that much, if you have an accident you could be in a compromising position. Because you’re insuring a young, inexperienced driver, it’s especially important to make sure you have all your ducks lined up and covered on all fronts in the event of an accident. We hope that our children and we ourselves will never experience an accident. Often, more often than not, a person will experience an accident or “fender bender.” This is a higher risk in teens. Figures show that teens are at a much higher risk of causing accidents through negligence. Distractions such as friends, phones, etc. are common among children of that age. Striking the right balance between your teen’s car insurance and your wallet can sometimes be a challenge.

It is recommended that you bring the following along with the required insurance: Uninsured Motorist, Comprehensive Liability, Collision and Bodily Injury Liability. If you’re making payments for a financed car, it’s already a requirement that you have full coverage. Depending on the year and condition of your car, it may not make sense to have collision or comprehensive insurance. Sometimes the book value for cars is much less than the deductible it would cost to have the car repaired. Or, in another case, if your car were a total loss, you would have put more into coverage than your car is worth. View the details of all the different options available.

Also, make sure you take advantage of the money savings mentioned earlier. Good grades and a safe vehicle are a good way to lower a teen’s auto insurance bill. As the policyholder yourself, you can view discounts for multiple cars, insure your home and car through the same company, if applicable, and make sure you get appropriate discounts for the safety features in your car. Another common saver that people often overlook is AAA. Although AAA is not the only car club; it is the most recognized. Sometimes clubs can save you money on car insurance, just like a theme park ticket!