Assess the importance of specialist insurance such as subsidence insurance

Regular home insurance does not cover certain types of property that may have special features or be more prominent in certain risks. These types of properties need a unique level of coverage that will protect you should anything ever happen. Some examples of this are houses with a thatched roof, national monuments, vacant houses and houses that threaten to flood or subside.

Properties with a history of or at risk of flooding or subsidence are two fairly common types of properties that require specialist insurance – if you are moving into a property where this is the case it is important that you contact an insurance company that can provide you with sufficient coverage. As with all types of insurance, it is better to err on the side of caution, and this is especially true with home insurance, as your home is the most important place in the world to you.

Subsidence is essentially a situation where your home begins to shrink in the ground – this can cause damage to your home’s foundation and also lead to cracks in the walls. They are usually houses built on clay foundations which are prone to subsidence – the clay tends to shrink when dry, and with Britain’s indecisive climate, clay gets wet and then dries regularly, exacerbating the situation. This means that in the summer where there isn’t much rain it can be bad for your home – another reason why subsidence occurs is because the surrounding plants can suck all the moisture out of the soil so this is something you should worry about should also be aware of. If you live in a property with a history of subsidence, you will have to pay a higher premium and you may want to seek coverage from a specialist company that can help you with subsidence insurance.

Flood insurance is also essential for homes at risk of flooding, of which there are 5.5 million across England and Wales. Floods can cause tremendous destruction and are very costly – you’ll want to see if your property is susceptible to flooding by visiting the Environment Agency’s website. There are also things you can do to mitigate the effects of a flood, such as installing a flood bulkhead and keeping important assets above the surface – taking such measures may help you get a discount on your premiums.

These two threats to homes can cause a lot of problems and be very expensive to fix, and it’s important to recognize if you’re at risk so you can discuss this risk with home insurance companies and possibly even specialist home insurance companies. These specialized home insurance companies will certainly be able to help you, and if a problem arises, you will have the protection you need.