Apologies for not having insurance

Have you ever wondered what goes through the minds of people who have a car but no car insurance? Do you ever let someone else drive your car? Have you ever wondered if the person next to you has car insurance while driving? I think about it all the time. The truth is, there is no real way of ever knowing who has insurance and who has no insurance until something drastic happens. I want to talk about some of the myths I’ve heard in person, on the radio or in court. Yes, I said court. You’d be amazed at the reactions someone gives a judge about not having car insurance.

One of the main excuses for not having car insurance is the mindset of not getting caught. If you’ve been in the car with someone without insurance, you can usually tell by the way they drive. They constantly look in the mirrors and slow down to avoid attention when they see a police car. As a car owner, you should know that most states require drivers to have state minimums for personal injury and liability coverage to drive legally.

Another excuse is that their car is a piece of junk so no insurance is needed. Well, you rather think your car is junk or not, they realize it or not, the car takes you from one place to another. So it is worth protecting your car. After all, hard work to buy the car, should you give the desire to keep it? Imagine your life without it. At the same time, all vehicles require insurance, regardless of the condition.

You might hear someone say I have my own medical insurance and that should be enough to protect me if I get hurt. Personal insurance and auto insurance are separate entities. If you think about it, most people take full coverage off their work because of the price. Do you realize that when you have a car accident, there are other costs involved? Does your employment insurance pay the ambulance costs? These costs can add up if more than one car is involved in the collision and it is your fault. If you know you have the absolute amount of coverage, go ahead and request a quote for medical insurance. That gives you one less thing to worry about.

I will never be sued is another saying that people think is a reason not to have coverage for their cars. We live in a lawsuit happy society. People will sue you for the smallest things and win because they know the law or have a great lawyer. I learned from a popular movie that the justice system isn’t about what the crime is, it’s about what you can prove.

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I have luck on my side. I can tell you now that happiness has nothing to do with someone trying to steal, destroy or damage your car. What happens if a storm comes and damages the car? Who pays it? Can you afford to pay your own costs? Don’t risk the losses.

At the end of the day, you’ll have peace of mind when you’re covered. A good car insurance policy with a quality policy protects you against everything that can happen to you on the road.