Animals make us human by Temple Grandin – Dogs are part of the family

In Animals Make Us Human, Temple Grandin brings us together with our dogs by making us understand that dogs feel essentially the same things that we humans do. Grandin is a person with autism and understands very well how dogs make us human. She tells us that dogs share the same basic emotions that we as humans do. They feel joy, sadness, fear, happiness and unhappiness. This book teaches dog owners how best to set up their dog to live a full and happy life.

In the touching book, the sentimental author shows us how she thinks like an animal by presenting words not as letters but in pictures and thus being able to relate to dogs on their level. It’s intriguing and awe-inspiring to read how she looks at the world and learns how she thinks we should relate to our dogs. It’s a fascinating book full of insights and great tips for keeping your dog happy. Anyone who loves dogs will enjoy this book. There’s no book like this anywhere, that’s for sure.

When you read this pet book, the author will show you how to assess your dog’s feelings and how best to handle those emotions. The book isn’t just for dog lovers, either. It can be enjoyed by anyone with a curiosity about dogs. It is written in a pleasant and easy to understand voice. Dr. In fact, Grandin is known for her speaking skills and she writes as if she were giving speeches. It is a wonderful writing voice and you fly like a train through this book. It’s a real page turner as it takes you through all of her insights and advice on how to best care for and train your dog.

The amazing thing about Animals Make Us Human, Temple Grandin backs up her amazing intuition with scientific studies showing how dogs think and feel. It’s really incredible to understand. You will enjoy reading this book and recommending it to others. It’s sure to provide hours of interesting reading and you’ll find yourself returning to it again and again almost as soon as you finish it the first time. With this book you will gain a lot of knowledge and insight. It will definitely change your life as a dog owner.

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