An overview of the IDA Marketing Services Multi Level Marketing Company

IDA Marketing Services registered their website domain in July 2004. The organization name behind it is IDA Business Services, Inc. and the registrant data is from Richland, Washington. This is an MLM company that sells auto insurance and they are the sole distributor of the Collision Deductible Reserve Plan (CDRP). This program was created to help their clients reduce their auto insurance costs while making money without using another insurance agent or switching insurance companies.

The CRDP through IDA Marketing Services is promoted through MLM distributors all over the United States, so I believe this program is for US marketing representatives only. This company wants to plant the seeds to create the largest network distribution channel to sell their products. Their goal is to help Americans pay off their debts by providing these types of unique business opportunities, such as selling auto insurance.

The leadership of IDA Marketing Services includes Torry Webb, Justin Brunson, Gerald McElroy, Robert Schmitt and Rich Hawkins. Included in this leadership team are Fortune 500 Executives and Real-Time Network Marketing leaders who are currently in the field. When I was looking for the news information for this website, the last news I saw was September 24, 2008, where they said IDA was in Pre-Launch in Portland, Oregon. I have not seen any more recent news on their website other than this.

The CRDP offered through IDA Marketing Services is a product that allows them to increase their auto collision insurance to One Grand. With this program you can save 10-40% on our insurance without having to find a new insurance company. This will use itself as leverage so that their total insurance premium will fall as well. Over time, the consumer of this product could save thousands over their driving career, so that’s the gist of this product and what they offer.

Once you’ve increased your collision deductible, you can use this money you save to fund your IDA Marketing Services CDRP account.

If a deductible is due before your CDRP account expires, the company will pre-finance you the full payment even if you have only paid one lump sum. You can pay these advances back to the company for $25.00 per month and they do not charge interest or penalties for this service. Once you build your CDRP account and mature, you can use this extra money you save each month to pay down your debts and build more wealth.

At a glance there were at least 4 pages that were not found. This gives me the first impression that the company planned to launch but never followed through. However, I checked out the Better Networker, a portal for network marketers, and there was a rep promoting it recently in July 2009. So maybe they ran into problems and it looks like they’ll launch anyway. This company has supposedly been 9 years in the making.

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When I did a little more research, I discovered that the Vice President of a large insurance company in Washington joined the IDA team. Also, I read on a rep website that people involved in conceiving and executing this MLM Opportunity already held some very high positions at some well-known insurance companies. If so, we’ll be hearing a lot more about this company later.