Advice for traveling abroad

Are you going to live abroad? Are you an exchange student? Are you traveling abroad for less than twelve months? Do you teach abroad? Do you work abroad?

Have you thought about your health insurance?

Sure, we all like to think that everything will be fine, but it’s wise to expect the unexpected. When you travel abroad, you unfortunately run increased risks to your health and safety. We tend to think that we will be able to get adequate medical care at public or government hospitals for free, and for a quick one-time visit, this may very well be the case. Public hospitals can be very good and the quality of medical and surgical care can be excellent, but the other services offered may not be up to the standard you are used to. What if something develops that takes longer to heal? The bills can be alarmingly high. How much will it all cost in the end? Have you thought about pregnancy and the pre- and post-natal care you would like to receive for yourself, or wife and newborn baby? Would you like your sick child to spend several days or maybe even weeks in a government hospital in a busy public ward where most of the staff may not speak English very well?

This is where we come into the picture. Our company Globalsurance offers the best possible advice on international health insurance and international health insurance.

We are an international health insurance advisor specializing in global medical and health insurance for expatriates and world travelers. We can provide excellent service to our customers all over the world. Our extensive network and communications now extend far beyond Hong Kong, where we were founded, into the US, UK and Europe and the Middle East. That’s why GlobalSurance’s global health insurance will make your stay abroad safer and worry-free.

All our consultants have global experience and can provide expert advice on the full range of international plans available. We understand how difficult it is to find comprehensive information from one independent source. That’s why we have in-depth knowledge of all available international medical plans to help you. To reassure you about our credentials, we are regulated by the Insurance Authority of Hong Kong and as such we are required to meet the very highest operational and tax standards.

We have individual plans, group plans, travel plans, and teacher plans, all of which are quoted for free and backed by the most responsive and professional administration service in the global health and medical insurance market. We are an independent advisor and work with all major insurance companies. We can provide you with independent advice or a range of free international health insurance quotes. Visit our website at to answer all your questions. This is a comprehensive, clear and easy to navigate website that is sure to give you the best possible online access to services and advice.