Adjuster for Insurance: Everything You Need to KnowIf you have ever been involved in an accident or experienced damage to your property, you know how stressful and overwhelming it can be to deal with the insurance claim process. That is where an insurance adjuster comes in. A professional adjuster can help you navigate the claims process, ensuring that you get the compensation you deserve. In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about adjusters for insurance.

What is an Adjuster?

An insurance adjuster is a professional who evaluates and investigates an insurance claim on behalf of an insurance company or a policyholder. There are two types of adjusters: independent adjusters and staff or company adjusters.

Independent Adjusters: Independent adjusters are hired by insurance companies or policyholders to investigate and adjust claims. They are not employees of the insurance company and are typically paid on a per-claim basis. Independent adjusters are often used when an insurance company needs to investigate a claim in an area where they do not have a local presence.

Staff or Company Adjusters: Staff or company adjusters are employees of an insurance company. They work directly for the company and are responsible for investigating and adjusting claims for policyholders.

What Does an Insurance Adjuster Do?

An insurance adjuster has several responsibilities, including:

  • Evaluating the damages or losses claimed by the policyholder
  • Investigating the cause of the damage or loss
  • Interviewing witnesses and taking statements
  • Reviewing police reports and other records
  • Working with professionals such as engineers or contractors to assess damages
  • Estimating the cost of repairs or replacement
  • Negotiating settlements with the policyholder or other parties involved

How Does an Insurance Adjuster Determine the Value of a Claim?

The value of an insurance claim is determined by several factors, including:

  • The extent of the damages or losses
  • The age and condition of the property or items damaged or lost
  • The cost of repairs or replacement
  • The policy limits and deductibles
  • The cause of the damage or loss and whether it is covered by the policy

An adjuster will gather all relevant information and use it to estimate the cost of repairs or replacement. They will then negotiate a settlement with the policyholder or other parties involved.


What is the Difference Between a Public Adjuster and an Insurance Company Adjuster?

A public adjuster is hired by the policyholder to represent their interests in an insurance claim. They work independently of the insurance company and are paid a percentage of the settlement amount. An insurance company adjuster works for the insurance company and represents their interests in the claim.

Do I Need an Adjuster for My Insurance Claim?

While it is not required to hire an adjuster for your insurance claim, it can be beneficial. An adjuster can help you navigate the claims process and ensure that you get a fair settlement. They can also handle the paperwork and negotiations on your behalf, saving you time and stress.

How Much Does an Adjuster Cost?

The cost of an adjuster varies depending on the type of adjuster and the scope of the claim. Independent adjusters typically charge a percentage of the settlement amount, while staff or company adjusters are salaried employees of the insurance company. It is important to discuss the cost of an adjuster before hiring them.


An adjuster for insurance can be a valuable resource when dealing with a claim. They can help you navigate the process and ensure that you get a fair settlement. Whether you choose to hire an independent adjuster or work with a company adjuster, make sure to discuss the process and cost upfront to avoid any surprises.