A story about cancer

In early August 2016, my daughter-in-law Andrea told her mother and me that her doctor told her she had stage three cervical cancer and third stage cervical cancer. This came as quite a shock to both of us as Andrea was only thirty years old.

Andrea also said that the doctor also scheduled her for a pap smear in the first week of September. Andrea knew I spent a lot of time at the computer researching cancer treatments because I have several friends who suffer from this disease and Andrea wanted to know what I recommended.

I am 63 years old and in my life I have seen the media announce various cancer treatments all of which have been silenced. I believe the medical industry is making too much money off the chemo treatments to ever really want to find a cure for this disease that is killing all of our loved ones. This only makes sense because what would you do if you made hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on chemotherapy, you lived in a huge mansion behind a gated community and you knew that if the public ever found out about all the cancer treatments available your money would be dry up.

I am amazed at all the heartache and grief these people have put us through so they can live in their gated communities. The major pharmaceutical industry is a $300 billion a year industry, mostly from chemotherapy. The health insurance industry is a billion dollar industry each year. Think about how much money would be saved without cancer treatments. Every time you make the choice to put money ahead of people, you risk paying heavenly dues.

Some of the healings that have already been silenced are that in 2007 Channel 7 News in Los Angeles reported that cancer was finally cured. They reported that the doctors took white blood cells from the patients and cultured them in a dish and then injected them back into the patients, curing the cancer. I only heard this story once on channel 7 news. Since then I have never seen or heard of any more persecutions.

In 2015, HBO had a special on cancer. This doctor took T cells from AIDS patients and injected them into cancer patients, destroying the cancer. This doctor said he expects to receive the patent from the FDA sometime in 2016. That never happened because it is already 2017. He was bribed or killed.

German doctor Leonard Coldwell has a cancer clinic in Germany and has a cure rate of 92%. When he tried to establish a clinic in the United States, the pharmaceutical industry tried to buy his patent. When he refused to sell, he had his car blown up and shot several times. Dr. Coldwell also stated in his book “The Only Answer To Cancer” that when Big Pharma’s people get cancer, they fly to Germany for treatment.

Also in the book by Dr. Coldwell uses Certified Food Grade 35% hydrogen peroxide to cure cancer. He started his patient on three drops in 8 ounces of distilled water per day and increased the dosage by one drop per day until he reached 25 drops. We did this treatment on a friend of a friend who had leukemia. After treatment was completed, he went to his doctor and his blood work was back to “normal”.

It was recently reported that doctors discovered that antifungal drugs could inadvertently cure cancer. Of course, that’s all that has ever been said about antifungal drugs and the doctors just continue to kill their patients with chemotherapy. Any substance that kills mold kills cancer.

Antifungal drugs that cure cancer should come as no surprise to any doctor. In 1931, Dr Otto Heinrich Warburg of Germany was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Medicine. One of his studies concluded that cancer is a fungus. This is the same claim that Dr. Tullio Simoncini from Italy has been claiming for years. The American doctors claim that Dr. Tullio Simoncini is a quack, but do not provide a shred of evidence as to why he is a quack.

Dr. Tullio Simoncini has a video on YouTube showing the cancerous tumors in a patient and how he washes away the cancerous tumors with a solution of baking soda. Dr. Tullio also tells a story about this patient who was in a coma and had a cancerous brain tumor. The other doctors gave the patient no chance of recovery. Dr. Tullio administered an IV containing a solution of baking soda. After seven hours, the patient regained consciousness and the tumor had disappeared.

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Dr. Mark Sircus also says cancer is a fungus and has cured cancer with baking soda. Dr. Sircus has a clip on YouTube explaining how to properly use the baking soda regiment in the fight against cancer.

I also saw a video on You Tube about a lady about sixty years old who had five cancerous tumors all over her body. She tried chemotherapy without any results. she then tried vitamin B-17. When she took the B-17, all five tumors disappeared. She also found that when she stopped taking the B-17 the cancerous tumors came back, so she concluded she would have to take the B-17 for the rest of her life because she was taking the chemotherapy (which destroys your immune system).

There is an hour and a half program on YouTube called “Cancer the Forbidden Cure”. This program covers the hundred year old history of cancer and the many numerous cures that the people and doctors had discovered over the years, only for the FDA to ban every cure submitted.

The bottom line is this. If you want to cure your cancer, you will have to do your own research. The medical industry values ​​your money more than your life.

When Andrea asked me what I would recommend to fight her cancer, I didn’t want to take any chances or chances. I hesitated between baking soda or B-17. I concluded that neither taking baking soda nor taking B-17 had any side effects, so why not take both and see if we can’t destroy this cancer soon. That’s exactly what we did. During the weeks Andrea took baking soda and B-17, she worried and would ask me if I thought the treatments would work before her next doctor visit? I told her I wasn’t sure if we had enough time, we would have to wait and see.

We then started Andrea on 500 mg of B-17. We gave her one 500mg capsule in the morning and another 500mg capsule in the evening. At the same time, Andrea took 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in half a glass of water three times a day. Morning, afternoon and evening.

When Andrea went to the doctor for her smear test in early September 2016, the doctor said after examination that the cancer was completely gone. Andrea immediately went on Facebook and told everyone that the treatments worked!

Why am I writing this article? I watched my grandmother die of lung cancer, both my parents died of cancer, my uncle died of colon cancer. I’ve had several friends die of cancer. My best friend recently had cancer and I told him what I found out about cancer. James decided to trust his doctors instead of trying B-17 or baking soda. James is now dead!! disbelief killed him along with the help of his doctors.

It is said that if you want to find corruption, you have to follow the money. Big Pharma tells us they’re going to spend our money on genetic research. They do this because they know where cancer really comes from and they know they could spend all the money in the world without ever finding a solution through genetic research. Genetic research would guarantee them and their future employees a salary for at least the next hundred years.

Some of the facts I discovered are that chemotherapy comes from mustard gas. It’s highly toxic. Using chemotherapy as a cure for cancer is ridiculous. Chemo kills everything, both cancer cells and normal cells. The doctor’s goal is to kill the cancer cells before the chemo kills you. This approach in itself is deadly and backward. Even if they kill the cancer first, the toxin still left your immune system dead. And as in my mother’s case, they killed the cancer first and then a year later when she caught a cold, the cold developed into pneumonia with no immune system and killed her.

According to Google, the cancer cure rate in the United States is 2.1% and in Australia, the cancellation cure rate is 2.3%. Neither is acceptable. That means that there is a 97.9% chance that you will die from chemotherapy and radiation as a treatment for cancer! I also read that the average life span of a cancer patient on chemo is six months. The study also found that if you did nothing in your fight against cancer, you would have a 7% chance of survival!

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Another interesting fact I came across is that forensic pathologist Dr. Michael D. Farley said in an interview that of all the countless autopsies he has performed on cancer victims in his career, not one has ever died of cancer! The cancer victims have died from chemo poisoning or radiation poisoning or both, or in the case of people like my mother, they died due to immune system deficiency.

Currently in the United States, they say that one in three people will develop cancer at some point in their lives. Do yourself a huge favor if you’re one of the three. Do your research. Do not take advice from someone who makes money from cancer treatment. It only makes sense to try the baking soda first. When taken correctly, it only costs about a dollar and has no side effects. The B-17 is another good bet and will only run you about $100.00.

Basically, cancer is a simple fungus that is easily killed. Baking Soda Kills Cancer, B-17 Kills Cancer, A Raw Vegetable Diet Kills Cancer, Your Doctor’s Antifungal Medication Kills Cancer, Turmeric Prevents And Kills Cancer, Food Grade 35% Hydrogen Peroxide Kills Cancer, Chemotherapy And Radiation Kills You!

These drugs are relatively inexpensive and require no belief or belief on your part to work effectively. You can be the biggest skeptic in the world. You can’t even believe it will work for you, as long as you take these treatments your cancer will be gone.